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  • The Cognac Selection Grande Fine Champagne of the Maison François Peyrot is a brandy with accentuated aromas of sweet spices and grape flower. It is an excellent soft distillate on the palate, characterized by an aging of at least 6 years.

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  • The Cognac X.O. (Extra Old) of the Maison François Peyrot impresses with the variety of aromas that reach the nose, in particular vanilla, fruit and nuts. On the palate it is persistent, in a harmony of intensity and delicacy that fascinates with every sip.

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  • François Peyrot's Poie Williams & Cognac liqueur is produced by mixing williams pear juice and Grande Champagne Cognac. It's the result of the art of mixing cognac with citrus of excellent quality, whose fruity scents fill the palate pleasantly. Ideal as an aperitif or as an excellent digestive.

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  • François Peyrot's Mandarine & Cognac liqueur is produced by mixing mandarin juice and Cognac from Grande Champagne. It has a sweet taste, hints of citrus and a pleasant softness on the palate. Ideal at the end of a good meal, or for the preparation of fruit salads and desserts.

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