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The history of wine cellars is often the story of a family and of its ability to enhance tradition and innovation, in a union that wins the test of time. And so it was that in Termeno in the Alto Adige region in the inn "Swarzer Adler" (Black Eagle) of Maria Hofstӓtter, an ancient imperial-royal postal station of the sixteenth century where his husband Josef originally produced his wine, his great-grandson Martin Foradori Hofstӓtter founded the current winery which from the 1990s to the present owes its great success to his intuitions. The heritage of knowledge of an ancient family of winemakers, the excellent vineyards on the eastern side of Alto Adige, the respect for traditions combined with the virtuous use of technology, are the keystone that has enabled this winery to produce excellent wines in perfect alto-atesino style. Among the priceless insights of Martin Foradori Hofstatter, the construction in 1997 of the avant-garde "tower of wine" entirely made of wood that responded to the need to expand the cellar space in height rather than in extension, in a very limited area. Or the revolutionary conical shaped concrete barrels with low energy impact for the fermentation of grapes, installed in 2013 and an absolute novelty for Alto Adige.

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