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  • Iuno is an organic red wine produced by the De Sanctis winery in the vineyards of Frascati from the bordeaux grape variety Cabernet Franc in purity, in a favorable climatic context that enhances its typical qualities. On the nose, hints of red fruit and spicy notes stand out, making it a fragrant wine on the palate, full-bodied with a persistent aromatic finish.

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  • A deep ruby-red wine with violet nuances. The promise of blackcurrant, blueberry and wild cherry, black pepper, cinnamon and cardamom on the nose is amply fulfilled on the palate. Warm and luscious but supported by fine tannins, all the fruit and spice return in the lengthy finish. The price is for 6 bottles.

    54,00 €
  • This is a very elegant wine embodying its land of origin, and named after the mythical Dioskouroi, “sons of Zeus”, to whom the ancient Temple of Castor and Pollux is dedicated. This wine is produced by using purity vinification of Bellone grapes. This latter is a local species of grape also known as “uva pane”, due to its thin and delicate skin. The price is for 6 bottles.

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  • Cupido is the red of Casata Mergè produced from the Cesanese and Nero buono vines, in the area of ​​Lazio between Frascati and Monte Porzio Catone, with a wine vocation from Roman times. Made by a ruby red color and fruity aroma, it's pleasantly drunk with a long and persistent finish.

    9,90 €
  • The Fieno di Ponza Rosso by the Antiche Cantine Migliaccio represents the Punta Fieno vineyard and the flavors of the island of Ponza, with its ruby ​​red color, the fruity aromas and the note of minerality on the palate.

    21,50 €
  • A Cesanese produced from young vines whose grapes are manually harvested are softly pressed and remain macerated with frequent assembly. An interesting, decisive wine with an authentic character.

    9,90 €
  • Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes come together to create this wine with good structure that lends itself well to being a cool drink and lovable.

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  • Cabernet Sauvignon, praised by Pliny the Elder in his monumental work Naturalis Historia, under the name of Biturica because it was cultivated by the Bituriges who lived on the northern side of the Pyrenees at that time. Adaptable to almost any climatic condition, here it has found warm and sunny terrains, ideal for the production of red wines with great structure and longevity.

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  • The Cesanese is an indigenous red grape of Lazio, which has always been cultivated in the territory but has only been rediscovered qualitatively in recent years. In the case in Cesanese Imperatori, the Affile clone is used, pleasant and persuasive.

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