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That of the Ippolito winery is a 160-year long history, made of passion, work and dedication towards a territory to be rediscovered and enhanced starting from its native vines. The area is that of Cirò, the beating heart of viticulture in Calabria, on a land of 100 hectares that extends from the interior towards the Ionian Sea, between green hills and sunny plains where excellent wines are produced from native vines such as Gaglioppo, the Greco Bianco, Calabrese and Pecorello. The mission is the continuous search for the identity of a territory through the care of the vineyards, as a process of perfect qualitative synthesis.

  • The Mare Chiaro by Ippolito winery is a tribute to the marvelous sea of ​​Cirò, obtained from excellent quality Greco Bianco grapes, testifying the will of the winery to enhance the indigenous Calabrian vines. It appears crystal clear with aromas of tropical fruit and pear, peach and white flowers. On the palate it's very fresh with a final marine note that enhances its Mediterranean essence.

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