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  • The Prosecco Magnum 47 Valdobbiadene Extra Dry presents itself to the eye with a straw yellow color with golden reflections, on the nose the bouquet opens with intense aromas of white peach, white flowers and pleasant notes of talc. On the palate it recalls olfactory scents, has a dense and rich taste, has a persistent foam and a fine and long-lasting perlage.

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  • The Fresco Blanc De Blancs by Villa Sandi is a brut with a straw yellow color and fine perlage, with the typical hints of prosecco on the nose from Williams pear to golden apple, with notes of mountain flowers. On the palate it is fresh and savory enough for a pleasant drink with an aromatic taste.

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  • Curvée Extra Dry from the Borgo Molino estate is a sparkling wine of refined elegance, with a bright straw yellow colour, with elegant and persistent perlage, on the nose the aromas are delicate and pleasant, on the palate the flavor is fragrant, balanced and fresh, with good aromatic persistence.

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  • Prosecco DOC Brut Sior Berto V8+, has a straw yellow color, with greenish reflections. Fruity and floral aromas on the nose. Pleasantly creamy sensation in the mouth. Great freshness and a pleasant acidity in the finish, which invites you to repeat the tasting.

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  • The Pinot Noir Rosato Extra Brut 2018 Bortolotti is a brand new charmat method sparkling wine signed by Bruno Bortolotti which is not new in the creation of bubbles of great thickness produced with the Martinotti method. It has a beautiful pink with coppery reflections, hints of rose and spices, good structure and green fruity notes with an elegant perlage.

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  • "To get it, we took the time we wanted. Take your time to know it" Codice Bortolotti 10-94 is a VSQ sparkling wine produced with the long charmat method exclusively from chardonnay grapes. Complex and elegant, the 10-94 Bortolotti Code surprises with personality and balance that are rarely found in a charmat method.

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  • Prosecco Millesimato Val d'Oca comes from grapes of the best vintages that are sparkling in an autoclave. Overall it is light, soft and with a balanced taste in a skilful combination of acidity and sweetness.

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  • The Brut is Zenato’s homage to a vine to which the company is profoundly bound, the Trebbiano di Lugana, whose grapes, absolutely pure, are treated with the classic method.

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  • Belstar Cuvée Rosé Bisol is a quality sparkling wine, suitable for the most refined and at the same time more informal occasions. Charming and with a great personality, from the name which, by definition, means "feeling good", lifestyle and the pleasantness of life, accompanied by great drinkability, which give the scope of how this sparkling wine is ideal for a cheerful evening.

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  • Extra Brut Rosè Riserva is a Quality Sparkling Wine produced by the Zamuner Farm, with an amber color that has always characterized this Zamuner bubble, the nose is elegant, with hints of red fruits, elderberry, and cherries. In the mouth it is incredibly harmonious and bubbly, with a marked mineral aftertaste, with a long finish full of freshness.

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  • Extra Brut Riserva 2009 is a Quality Sparkling Wine produced by the Zamuner Agricultural Company, with a bright straw yellow color tending to golden with slight luminous hints, the nose expresses delicate notes of white flowers and medlar, in addition to the characteristic bread crust, in the mouth it is intense and mineral with a fast evolution towards freshness, with a long delicate finish.

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  • The blanc de Noirs Millesimato 2011 from the Zamuner winery is a straw yellow color slightly tending to bright and bright golden color, with a creamy persistent foam and an extremely fine perlage, deep hints of white flowers and red fruits on the nose, in the mouth it is mineral and fresh, it is perfectly intertwined with sensations of softness, with a long and very delicate finish.

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