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  • L'Imperiale Brut is a Spumante with Classic Method Millesimato, it is an incredible product with a fine and persistent perlage, which melts in contact with the palate, the impact is very fine on the nose, with a predominantly floral texture of hawthorn, banana and delicate memories of croissants, in the mouth it is persistent and extremely tasty.

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  • Première of Maison Villa Rinaldi is the first Villa Rinaldi cuvèe, in name and in fact, the label that preceded all the others created by Rinaldo Rinaldi in the 60s from Chardonnay grapes exclusively from Trentino. Fine perlage and floral bouquet of white roses, linden flowers and hawthorn, with an elegant taste and an aromatic breadth that envelops the palate.

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  • Rinaldi Maior is the Amarone di Valpolicella by the Villa Rinaldi winery, a wine worthy of the fame that precedes it. Intense bouquet, among which aromas stand out cherries, black cherries and plum jam, followed by spicy notes of black pepper, cocoa, tobacco and vanilla. On the palate it's structured, with fruity hints that confirm the olfactory sensations. A perfect wine in meditation.

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  • Rinaldi Supreme is the extra brut cuvée of the founder of the Maison Rinaldo Rinaldi, his latest creature who once again pays homage to Pinot Noir vinified in purity of the hills of South Tyrol. The bouquet is austere but unique, with notes of William pear, bread crust, roasted coffee and mineral hints. On the palate it's clean, elegant, crunchy. A reserve of high rank.

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  • Rosé di Barricaia is expertly obtained from Villa Rinaldi from Pinot Noir grapes vinified in rosé, to the delight of the most demanding lovers of this type of wine. The aromas of roses and small red berry fruits of undergrowth seduce the sense of smell and taste, accompanied by spicy and balsamic notes of French oak. Certainly the most aristocratic of the Rosés.

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  • The Gran Cuvée Bianca is the most famous Cuvée of Villa Rinaldi, the Chardonnay grapes vinified in purity make it a fresh sparkling wine with irresistible tropical fruit aromas. On the nose stand out pineapple, passion fruit, melon and peach that are accompanied by refined hints of bread crust. On the palate it's soft and well balanced, perfectly captivating as an aperitif or throughout the meal.

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  • The Cuvée Ultra Brut presents itself with that fine perlage that characterizes the wines of the Maison Villa Rinaldi. The bouquet is intense, opens with hints from yeast to salt, softened by notes of wild apple and linden flowers, while pink grapefruit and bergamot stand out later, with slight hints of mulberry blackberry. On the palate it's intriguing with notes on the finish of fresh hazelnut.

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  • Barricaia is a milestone in Villa Rinaldi production, a large reserve obtained from 60% of Pinot Noir grapes and 40% of Chardonnay. A bouquet rich in aromas such as ginger and flint, accompanied by mineral hints. On the palate it's firm and persistent, confirming the strong personality of a great Riserva.

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  • Rosé Rosa is the Classic Method sparkling wine by Villa Rinaldi, which can never be missing from the collection of those who love Pinot Noir vinified in purity. the perfume is a harmony of fruity notes between wild strawberries, currants, raspberries and the incomparable touch of rosehip. On the palate it's soft and delicate, strong with that femininity that characterizes its elegance.

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