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  • Estasi in Sinfonia, it is a more unique than rare Classic Method Brut, an unusual and fascinating bubble. It has a golden yellow color with light luminous reflections, the nose expresses citrus notes of dried fruit, dates and figs. In the mouth it is full and Mediterranean, of great balance and with a fresh and mineral finish.

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  • RN D'Araprì is a classic method from Bombino bianco grapes, an indigenous Apulian vine that the Cellar manages to emphasize by creating a persuasive and creamy sparkling wine with a fine and persistent perlage and a good structure and flavor.

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  • An unexpected as well as pleasant classic method signed Cantine San Marzano, the Lime already at the first taste is appreciated for the elegance and finesse of floral and fruity scents where citrus and tropical notes stand out.

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  • An unexpected and pleasant classic method signed Cantine San Marzano, the Calce Rosé already at the first taste is appreciated for the elegance and persuasiveness of the bouquet with fresh citrus fragrances and fresh red fruits that completes the view enriched by a fine perlage and a beautiful pink onion.

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  • Tiati Metodo Classico is a sparkling wine produced by Cantine Teanum, with a straw yellow color with greenish reflections, the nose is delicate and rich in floral scents, with notes of pastry and bread crust. In the mouth it is creamy with a savory and very fresh taste.

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  • La Dama Forestiera by is a classic method sparkling wine, whose nobility goes hand in hand with its history. The elegance is evident already from the golden yellow color, and from the size of the small and dense bubbles. The nose is complex, with a prevalence of ripe and spicy fruit notes. Its full-bodied taste seduces the palate for a long time with a pleasantly persistent finish. The 2013 vintage is on the market today.

    73,36 €
  • The Simona Natale rosé sparkling wine produced by Gianfranco Fino is a Metodo Calssico Zero Dosage vintage 2015. Obtained from Negroamaro grapes, it's aged for at least 36 months on the fine lees and shows an intense pink color. On the palate as well as on the nose, the hints of berries, citrus fruits and bread crust stand out. It's striking for its body, freshness and elegance.

    36,48 €
  • Sansevieria is a Classic Method Sparkling Wine that the d'Araprì winery produced to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2018, made from 100% Nero di Troia grapes grown in the San Severo countryside in Puglia. Its pink color is given by the light contact of the must with the skins, which gives the wine complexity and elegance.

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  • Brut Rosé D'Araprì is a fresh and fragrant Apulian product; a Quality Sparkling Wine. Fruit of Montepulciano and Pinot Noir grapes, it is ideal with dishes of the local culinary tradition.

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  • It is the most special sparkling wine and greater sensory impact that the house offers. The Gran Cuvèe, produced only in higher-quality vintages, is a sparkling wine that proudly of Araprì for all fans. long aged encompasses complex aromas.

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