Castello della Sala

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  • Muffato della Sala is a wine that comes from the vineyards of the Castello della Sala. Thanks to the late harvest to the effect of a noble rot (Botritis), at the time of fermentation the grapes are very rich in sugars and particular aromas. The result is an elegant dessert wine with a very intense bauquet.

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  • Particularly refined wine, comes from a careful selection of Sauvignon Blanc grapes to which a small percentage of wood fermented semillon is added; it is then refined in the bottle for a few months.

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  • The Castello della Sala towers over a tufaceous promontory of the Umbrian Apennines just a short distance away from the boundary with Tuscany and approximately 18 kilometers (11 miles) from the historic city of Orvieto. It is a lovely medieval fortress, surrounded by historic, hillside Etruscan villages, halfway between the Paglia river and the peak of Mount Nibbio.

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