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  • Giangirolami's Propizio is an intense and fresh white Lazio wine, which releases scents of exotic fruit and aromas of lumps. It is an organic wine; his company, in fact, has been using a natural cultivation method since 1993, both for treatments and for fertilizing.

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  • Petrara is a Chardonnay produced by the Montecorvino winery from vineyards at the foot of the Lepini Mountains in the province of Latina. It's a wine that does not go through barrels, fresh and young, it maintains a strong sapidity and a mineral taste, characteristics that express the richness of the territory from which it comes, still largely unexplored.

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  • Pantaleo is a white obtained from the native Greek grape variety grown in the area of ​​the same name near Cori. Intense color with golden reflections, floral notes on the nose while on the palate the taste is pleasantly fresh and mineral, thanks to the volcanic origin of the soils. A wine to drink young and paired with fish dishes from Mediterranean cuisine.

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  • Puntinata is a white wine produced by Cincinnato with Malvasia Puntinata, or Malvasia del Lazio, a white grape variety typical of Lazio currently re-evaluated by the Corian winegrowers, which is distinguished by the dark dot on the grapes that have reached maturity. The color is golden yellow, while the nose prevails the typical fruity aromas with herbaceous hints that give freshness to the palate.

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  • From a region already formerly known by the Romans as the territory of great wines, the Sesto 21 is born, a Sauvignon Blanc very pleasant to the nose and with a wide palate, rich and rich in minerality.

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  • Anthium is the Bellone of Casale del Giglio, an autochthonous Lazio variety that has its ideal habitat in the Anzio area, where the direct influence of the sea contributes to its strong minerality. Straw yellow wine with golden reflections, hints of exotic fruit, mango and papaya, contrast with a strong acidity. In the mouth it's fresh, fruity with floral and spicy nuances.

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  • Enyo is the pure bellone of the Agricultural Cooperative Cincinnato of the Cori area, in the heart of Lazio, which associates each bottle with a character from Greek mythology. It has a straw yellow color with golden reflections. On the palate the notes of citrus, melon and yellow peach stand out, accompanied by that mineral note expression of the terroir corese.

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