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  • Krafuss is Alois Lageder's Pinot Noir with a rich nose with a bouquet of fruity notes, spices, and flint and with an elegance and persuasion like few Pinot Noirs can offer.

    33,60 € -20% 42,00 €
  • Amarone della Valpolicella is a Veneto red with pleasant fruity aromas of the Quintarelli's winery. An excellent wine for meditation or to be savored with exquisite meat dishes.

    220,00 €
  • Kora is the pure Nero Buono from the Cincinnato winery, coming from the highest quality vineyards and a tribute to the city of Cori. It has an intense ruby ​​red color and a persistent perfume with a great harmony of scents. The taste is dry and structured, characterized by aromas of leather and undergrowth with balsamic references. An excellent wine to accompany dishes with a strong flavor.

    15,40 €
  • The Chianti Classico "Filetta di Lamole" is a red wine of good freshness that comes from Sangiovese grapes grown on the extraordinary Filetta vineyards at about 600 meters above sea level. Aged for 24 months in large barrels, it reveals an intense and refined profile, with a tonic, fresh and precise sip, enriched by a rich aromatic set of violets, currants, aromatic herbs, licorice and spices.

    42,00 €
  • Sul Vulcano 2017 of the Donna Fugata winery is a wine with a brilliant ruby ​​red color, the nose amazes with a fragrant bouquet with intense notes of red fruit accompanied by spicy notes and floral scents, in the mouth it is very soft and enveloping with a delicate balance and a long and persistent finish.

    17,50 €
  • The Gascogne d'Alain Merlot Tannat 2018 is a wine produced by the Brumont winery, with an intense ruby ​​red color, the nose is extremely broad and pleasant, expressing notes typical of the Gascogne area, such as small red fruits mixed with fruity and slightly spicy notes, in the mouth it is very intense with a long, persistent and pleasant finish.

    11,00 € -12% 12,50 €
  • The Pino di Riserva 2018 is a wine with an intense ruby ​​red color, the nose is full with hints of small red fruits, coffee and aromatic herbs and some spicy notes, in the mouth it is full and full-bodied with a remarkable balance and a long and persistent finish .

    41,50 €
  • Per' 'e Palummo is a product of the Casa d'Ambra winery, with an intense ruby ​​red color, the nose has an intense vinous but extremely delicate aroma, in the mouth it is decisive but extremely soft.

    9,72 € -20% 12,15 €
  • The Fralù of the Bruno Rocca winery is a ruby ​​red wine with garnet reflections, intense hints of fresh red fruit such as raspberries and black cherries on the nose, with delicate spicy notes. In the mouth it is full, elegant and aromatic with a good persistence.

    15,90 €
  • Nizza Riserva is a wine produced by the Tenute Olim Bauda winery, with a purple red color, with an extremely intense and complex aroma given by the notes of red fruit. On the palate it is firm and full, but incredibly balanced, with a long and pleasant finish.

    23,90 €
  • Isolavilla wine is a Grignolino d'asti DOC with a more or less tenuous ruby ​​red color, with delicate and subtle amber reflections, the nose is delicately perfumed and fine, with light notes of undergrowth and dried flowers, accompanied by characteristic hints of white pepper . In the mouth it is remarkably lively and savory but very refined and dry with a slightly almond aftertaste.

    8,90 €
  • The Freisa d'Asti of the Tenute Olim Bauda winery is a ruby ​​red wine tending to garnet with aging, with the typical aroma of rose, raspberry and small red fruits that evolve in an excellent way with aging in the bottle. In the mouth it is dry, thanks to the presence of tannins made soft by aging in wood.

    14,50 €