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  • Terra Libertà is Walter Massa's rosé born from the brilliant mind of the Master of Piedmontese oenology. With this wine he want to affirm the freedom to skillfully mix white and red grapes, and to be free to drink when desired. A rosé that breaks all the rules and establishes itself as an excellent wine by one of the most innovative and anarchist winemakers of Piedmont.

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  • Mazzetti d'Altavilla celebrates 100 years of the famous Negroni cocktail with a special recipe based on Bitter, Gin and Amaro Gentile all rigorously Mazzetti, wishing you 100 of these Negroni.

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  • Gin & Tonic ForEver is the package born from the creativity of Mazzetti d'Altavilla for lovers of long drinks with a fine palate, who will be able to combine Gin with the botanicals of Piedmont, two qualities of tonic water. Tell me what tonic water you want and I'll tell you who you are.

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  • Dolcetto is the most typical of the varietals grown in Piedmont. With its own grapes, Tenuta Carretta makes a wine as pleasant and drinkable as an “everyday wine” for convivial occasions should be.

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  • Liquore Chinotto is a liqueur of the Quaglia distillery obtained by infusing freshly picked fresh chinotti. A particular and very pleasant product with a dark amber color and delicate aromas of citrus and spices. On the palate it is tasty and elegant, with hints of vanilla and rhubarb, and floral notes of dandelion and orange blossom.

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  • The Liquore Bergamotto by Quaglia distillery is obtained from the skins of fresh fruit only, and releases citrus aromas and floral scents accompanied by balsamic notes. The taste confirms the olfactory sensations with intense citrus and floral notes that envelop the palate revealing character and a very pleasant body.

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  • The Cherry Liqueur of the Quaglia distillery is obtained by infusion of fresh fruit in alcohol as per an ancient and precious recipe from the 1800s. The raw material is the white and red cherries of the Turin hill, from which an intense red distillate with orange reflections is obtained. The aromas of the fruit are combined with hints of almonds and spices. On the palate it's soft and delicate.

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  • Monleale Vigneti Massa is a red wine made from 100% Barbera grapes. Its fresh and elegant taste is inscribed in the name of Colli Tortonesi DOC; a large bottle with a Piedmontese character.

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  • Vermouth Bianco is produced by the Antica Casa Vinicola Scarpa in the strictest respect for the ancient and secret original recipe. Hints of Cardamom, Gentian, Chamomile, Coriander and Elderberry stand out on the nose. All this wealth of aromas conquers the palate and confirms Vermouth as a great classic of Italian aperitifs.

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  • Vermouth di Torino is produced by the Antica Casa Vinicola Scarpa with the utmost respect for the tradition and historical value of the famous Turin flavored wine. The bouquet is large and fragrant, with hints of cardamom, gentian, chamomile, coriander and elderberry. On the palate the spicy taste confirms the olfactory sensations, although the vinous component based on muscat is very present.

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  • Bruno Rocca's Barbaresco is vinified alone with the youngest Nebbiolo grapes grown in Nieve. Ruby red color with garnet reflections, the nose prevails hints of black fruit such as blackberry, plum and black cherry, which are accompanied by the slightly faded floral notes of violet, rose and spices. The taste is elegant, full, with a long and persistent finish and a slight hint of cocoa.

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  • The Barbaresco Currà of the Bruno Rocca winery is vinified in purity with Nebbiolo grapes grown in the Cru Currà a Nieve. Ruby red color with garnet reflections, the nose prevails hints of red fruit such as currants and raspberries, which are accompanied by the floral notes of rose and geranium.The decisive and balanced flavor, the long and persistent finish, confirm its strong personality.

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