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  • Bric del Gaian is one of the excellent aged grappas of Distillerie Berta produced from carefully and locally selected Muscat pomace in the Monferrato area. The color is amber and the scent reflects a complexity of aromas from clary sage, to small berries, grapefruit and vanilla, which wrap the palate remaining long in the mouth.

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  • Roccanivo is an aged grappa produced by the Berta Distilleries from selected Barbera pomace in the typical area of ​​Monferrato in Piedmont. To the nose Roccanivo grappa is strongly aromatic with hints of marasca cherry, berries, chocolate and vanilla. An excellent smooth drink to sip and savor passionately.

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  • TreSoliTre is a grappa aged in wood barrels from Nebbiolo pomace, strictly from the typical areas of Piedmont. It has an amber color and the haunting and intense aromas recall marasca, vanilla, blackcurrant, apricot and cocoa. The sensations on the palate are ample and surprising, testifying to a marked personality.

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  • Roero’s oldest, most fascinating white varietal, the name Arneis probably comes from “Bric Renesio”, the rise near Tenuta Carretta. The price is for 6 bottles.

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  • Dolcetto is the most typical of the varietals grown in Piedmont. With its own grapes, Tenuta Carretta makes a wine as pleasant and drinkable as an “everyday wine” for convivial occasions should be.

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  • Un giovane Nebbiolo con una trama dei tannini piacevole ed elegante.

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  • A pleasant and immediate Arneis, produced by the Negro family, one of the first to vinify dry Arneis, since 1970.

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  • The Anarchia Costituzionale is the partially fermented must most loved by those who love wine. Nice pleasant and balanced dessert and do not forget that the signature is by Walter Massa.

    12,00 €
  • The King of Italian wines: Il Barolo DOCG. Prunotto is a historic winery that has contributed and helps to give prestige to an important territory.

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  • Roero’s oldest, most fascinating white varietal, the name Arneis probably comes from “Bric Renesio”, the rise near Tenuta Carretta.

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  • High wine vocation, with an intense nose and appariscenre spice and berry fruit: blackberry, licorice, chocolate, toffee, marmalades, all together in wonderful definition. The taste confirms rigorous and warm and solid compatto.incipit, rich and elegant, with incisive tannins but perfect. A wine symbol of Italy in the world.

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  • Nebbiolo with a small percentage of Barbera, this red of Tenuta Carretta is harmonious and elegant, like the best Piedmontese wines. As a good Nebbiolo, it goes well with meat dishes.

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