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  • Petrara is a Chardonnay produced by the Montecorvino winery from vineyards at the foot of the Lepini Mountains in the province of Latina. It's a wine that does not go through barrels, fresh and young, it maintains a strong sapidity and a mineral taste, characteristics that express the richness of the territory from which it comes, still largely unexplored.

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  • The Rosso di Montalcino DOC by Fattoria del Pino is a full-bodied and structured wine, with a ruby ​​red color and red fruit aromas. Soft taste with velvety tannins, a pleasant warmth that envelops the palate, characterized by a long and persistent finish. A red that reflects the aromas of one of the most renowned wine-growing areas in Tuscany.

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  • VinValé is a red from Sangiovese Vigna Nuova selection grapes by Fattoria del Pino. A young wine with a ruby ​​red color, aromas of red fruit and soft on the palate, where hints of plum prevail among a good roundness that enhances its drinking.

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  • Lepanto is a Cesanese del Piglio Superiore Riserva DOCG from the Alberto Giacobbe cellars, with an intense red color characterized by aromas of red fruits including plum. On the palate the fruity notes and a full and round taste are confirmed. Pleasant with local cuisine and cheeses.

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  • Sauternes Château Gravas is a sweet white wine with a strong minerality linked to the limestone nature of the soil, which allows the roots to descend deeply. Bright and bright golden yellow color, hints of ripe exotic fruit and spices stand out on the nose.

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  • Sansonina is a Lugana DOC natural fermentation of the Zenato winery, born with the idea of ​​strengthening the bond with the Garda area, making the best grapes of the Lugana, those of the Vigna del Moraro Verde. A sensational straw-yellow wine with golden reflections, in which we find the typical aromas of these lands, from almond to exotic fruit, to honey.

    15,90 €
  • This is a splendid blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot grown in the vineyards of Tenuta Podernovo, which lies in the heart of the hills near Pisa and is owned by the Lunelli family. The property is currently being converted to organic farming methods. It has a luminous ruby red colour.

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  • The King of Italian wines: Il Barolo DOCG. Prunotto is a historic winery that has contributed and helps to give prestige to an important territory.

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  • Nero Buono di Cori is an ancient local grape grown on the lavic soil of the hills around Cori. Lower yields per ha, a careful selection of the grapes and long ageing in oak barrels make this wine original and exceptional.

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  • There are seven micro-vineyard of Chardonnay that make up this wine characterized by citrus notes with hints of golden apple and tropical fruit.

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  • The wine is soft, full and balanced, despite its high acidity and alcohol content, and has the delicate aromatic notes typical of the variety.

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