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  • Villa Antinori Rosso is an ideal wine for many occasions in which traditional Italian dishes are the host. It has a deep red with a rich and intense nose and a good body with a gentle tannin texture.

    27,46 €
  • Rosso di Montalcino Gorelli is a complex wine with notes of ripe red fruit and balsamic nuances. Mirror of the great territory and the result of an outdated vinification. Fascinating and pleasant, Rosso di Montalcino Gorelli is part of a very small production in the heart of Montalcino.

    28,69 €
  • The Tenuta San Guido's Sassicaia is one of the most famous and appreciated Italian red wines. Its legendary history and its special organoleptic notes have made it famous all over the world. A Tuscan red from the Bordeaux blend that ages 24 months in barrique and takes on a full and elegant character. It expresses the best essence of the prized Supertuscan wines.

    245,90 €
  • The Barbera d'Alba Bric Loira Cascina Chicco surprises for the richness it immediately manifests, with rich and sumptuous hints, ripe red fruit, vanilla, licorice. Great attention to care in the vineyard and mastery in winemaking give light to this splendid Barbera.

    15,98 €
  • The Cuvée Zero Rosé Cascina Chicco is a pleasant and fascinating sparkling wine with notes of raspberry and violet. On the palate it is decidedly savory with a good length, vibrant and stimulating that invites a new taste.

    16,39 €
  • The Cascina Chicco Cuvée Zero sparkling wine is a classic method from Nebbiolo grapes vinified in white elegant and clean on the palate. It has a yellow with greenish reflections with a fine and persistent perage. On the palate it is decisive without exceeding, fresh and pleasant.

    16,39 €
  • Extreme and strict interpretation of the Greek Tufo.The Grande Cuvée Luigi Moio is born from the union of the three white grape varieties Greco, Falanghina and Fiano which in Quintodecimo are already produced in the mono-varietal version. In this wine each of the united parts provides a contribution higher than their simple sum, creating the conditions for an olfactory and gustatory amplification of the wine and for its greater longevity.La vineyard of the Yellow D'Arles is in Tufo, cradle of Greek di Tufo, therefore, a cru in single variety, very influenced vintage expression of their varietal character.

    77,87 €
  • Monteriolo Coppo is born in one of the best Piedmontese terroirs, a complex and elegant wine with hints of exotic fruit and vegetable sensations. Good structure, great balance and excellent acidity, for an extraordinary wine produced from pure chardonnay grapes.

    31,89 €
  • Considered one of the most representative Chablis, Billaud-Simon is a work of art due to its complexity, richness, material and backbone.

    28,28 €
  • Latour a Civitella produced by the Sergio Mottura winery, is a straw yellow colored wine with golden reflections, the nose is a complex and elegant wine with subtle woody flavors of white fruit, citrus, warm butter and hazelnut. In the mouth it is fresh and velvety with a persistent finish of honey and vanilla.

    18,44 €
  • The sparkling rosé wine “Luna del Casale” represents the symphony of scents of a Spring day. Freshness and refinement blend into the remarkable taste structure.

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  • Red wine importantly, meditation, Refosco dal peduncolo rosso is one of secure indigenous origin grape varieties of the eastern hills of Friuli. The Tunella in wines you can find all the generous freshness of new energies and creative ... but history, memory and tradition are still solid and constant reference points of a present that day by day builds the future.

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