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  • Elegance in a Franciacorta d'Autore; Magnificientia embodies the Satén, fine perlage and fine and delicate scents.

    30,74 €
  • OX Rousseaux Batteaux champagne has the Champagne Verzanay Grand Cru appellation. Made entirely from pinot noir grapes grown in one of the most important areas for champagne, the Montagne de Reims. A clear and decisive Champagne but at the same time an elegant and complex nose opens up. A unique champagne produced in only 501 examples.

    48,77 €
  • Marisa Cuomo's Costa d'Amalfi Rosso is a fresh and captivating wine with hints of red fruit and spices that well represent a territory as unique as the land in which it is born.

    14,59 €
  • Rocca di Frassinello is the queen label of this Italian-French project that combines the visions and skills of the French winemaker Christian Le Sommer and Alessandro Cellai. An intense ruby ​​red wine, with a bouquet of blackberry, plum, coffee enriched with light toasted notes. In the mouth it's round thanks to the soft tannins, endowed with that elegance and balance typical of great wines.

    35,66 €
  • Proud, majestic, complex and exuberant: this is Masi's gentle giant. A benchmark for the Amarone category, which, together with Barolo and Brunello, makes up the aristocracy of the Italian wine world.

    29,92 €
  • Smooth, luxuriant, mature, soft, round. The Vintage Collection Satén, Ca'del Bosco' s pearl recalls the enchanting sensuality that distinguishes the woman you have in your heart. One of those wines that make the senses vibrate.

    40,90 €
  • From Sangiovese grapes Col d'Orcia Brunello di Montalcino expresses an elegant complexity.

    64,75 €
  • Cuvée 745 is a fantastic champagne produced in France by Jacquesson, with a straw yellow color with light golden reflections, the nose is extremely complex, with hints of candied fruit, citrus, dried fruit and wonderful mineral nuances, on the palate it is round and soft, with a very fresh and persistent finish.

    63,93 €
  • PN TX17 is the new series of Champagne Blanc de Noirs born from Pinot Noir grapes vinified in purity. A different Cru for each base year, in this case 2017. The color is a straw yellow with golden reflections. On the nose the bouquet is rich in aromas of cherry stone, fruit jam, dried figs, toasted pastry notes. On the palate it has a good body, pleasantly fresh.

    102,46 €
  • Malvasia Istriana is a biodynamic wine by Damijan Podversic, a complete white with surprising characteristics, for true connoisseurs. This Malvasia is proposed in the 2011 vintage.

    36,89 €
  • The Fren Taurasi DOCG Stefania Barbot is a rich, complex and warm wine with hints of plums, cherries and spicy and colonial notes of tobacco. The excellent structure is striking, enriched by an enveloping and softness that make the tasting pleasant.

    31,89 €
  • The Collection 242 Louis Roederer is a complex, powerful and sharp champagne, a new chapter in the quest for taste, without success. From the taste characterized by a lively freshness, which combines strength and rare elegance in terms of creaminess and aromatic articulation.

    39,75 €
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