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  • Ultimo Colle is a 100% organic Bellone produced by the Sant'Eufemia winery. The color is a bright straw yellow, intense fruity aromas and a rounded taste, which envelops the palate in a sensation of freshness and minerality.

    9,80 €
  • Mood is an organic wine of Sant'Eufemia produced from grapes of the Vermentino variety. Straw yellow color with greenish reflections, and a bouquet of herbaceous notes with a mineral vein. In the mouth it is fresh, aromatic and pleasantly savory. A good wine to pair with a fish-based dinner.

    9,80 €
  • Vermentino is an organic wine by the Sant'Eufemia winery produced with grapes of the homonymous variety quite common on the Tyrrhenian side. Straw yellow color with greenish reflections and aromas of aromatic herbs, with a persistent mineral note. In the mouth it's characterized by the typical flavor and great freshness that distinguishes it.

    8,00 €
  • Bellone is an organic wine produced by the Sant'Eufemia winery with the homonymous native vine grown in the vineyards between the Castelli Romani and Agro Pontino. Straw yellow color and intense and mineral bouquet. In the mouth it is dry and pleasantly savory.

    8,00 €
  • Cabernet Franc Petit Verdot is the biological wine from two grapes transalpine company Sant'Eufemia farm. A wine with an intense red and intense and persistent fruity aromas. In the mouth it has a good structure and a pleasant softness.

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  • Merlot is the organic wine of Sant'Eufemia obtained from the homonymous grapes vinified in purity. Intense garnet red color and persistent aromatic bouquet. In the mouth it is light, slender, fresh to drink throughout the meal with taste.

    8,00 €
  • Bianco is an organic wine that is obtained from the assembly of three local varieties, Bellone, Grechetto and Vermentino. A blend with intense floral and fruity aromas, fresh and light, to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

    7,50 €
  • Ventinove is a pure Malvasia Puntinata with a fruity aroma and a good body, with a dry taste and supported by a pleasant acidity. Excellent in combination with a good plate of pasta with seafood, grilled fish, cold cuts or served as an appetizer accompanied with fish cruditée.

    8,50 €
  • Muffo is a pure passito Grechettto from the Umbrico and Mecone vineyards of the Sergio Mottura estate, where the climate favors the creation of noble molds, hence the name. The color is crystalline with golden and amber reflections, an intense and broad scent of candied citrus, yellow flowers and fruit. On the palate it's savory and fresh, with buttery and honeyed notes that outline its pleasant complexity.

    26,50 €
  • Kius Pas Dosé is the zero dosage classic method sparkling wine made from Nero Buono grapes by the Marco Carpineti organic farm. Light yellow color with golden reflections, fine and elegant perlage, complex but balanced bouquet. On the palate it's fresh and persistent.

    30,00 €
  • The Pancarpo of the Giangirolami winery is an organic red wine that interprets with character and personality the classic Bordeaux vines blend, in this case Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Syrah and Merlot. Ruby red color and fragrant bouquet of wild berries, combined with a soft and fresh taste that is easy to drink.

    9,50 €
  • Fatìa means fatigue in the Arcese dialect, to indicate the careful and tireless work in the ancient hillside vineyards of Arce to obtain a white biodynamic authentic expression of the territory. The color is golden with greenish reflections, fruity and floral bouquet with strong citrus notes. On the palate it's tasty and intriguing, fresh and savory.

    13,50 €