Tavolette Milk 32% Maglio Tavolette Milk 32% Maglio

Tavolette Milk 32% Maglio

Producer: Region: Puglia


Mono-origin is the line created by Maglio to offer the fans of the dark chocolate the opportunity to taste and tame the nuances of the best cocoa beans from plantations of various states. Maglio is distinguished in the panorama of Italian chocolatieri for the careful selection already on the plantation of the best cocoa beans.

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In 1875 the Maglio arrived in Maglie (Le), where the company still resides. They were the talent and tenacity of Antonio, who opened a horseback inn, to lay the foundations of a brand that has been through the decades, modes, wars, and social changes. To follow the costumes of time, Giuseppe, son of Antonio, in the center of the city, opened a café with a lab of sweets. Dante's heir to such an enterprising father was Dante, who in the early twentieth century not only joined the main activity of banquets and receptions at home, but started producing handmade liquors. As for the many almond paste specialties, Dante found in chocolate, used for re-covering, a valuable ally to prolong its preservation. In the 1960s, his son Vincenzo found fertile ground for intensifying chocolate and pastry production: innovative spirit, invented recipes, enriched confectionery production and decided to identify the company with the trademark. At present, at the head of the Maglio group, there are Maurizio and Massimo, who have inherited an invaluable heritage of values ​​and knowledge and the responsibility to make Maglio live in the present and in the future in Italy and abroad.
How to resist the temptation to enjoy this exceptional chocolate coming from the beautiful Tanzania land and feel the sensations it produces on the palate! From this land have rare cacao beans for their limited production. Here grow the varieties of Criollo and Trinitario. Try to mordant it, and let it melt between the tongue and the palate: you will feel that its fruity aromas freed with lust and persistence in the mouth, with all the heat and aromatic strength of a wild cocoa. Pioneers of taste will find it loaded with adventure ...

Producer: Maglio

Ingredients: Tanzania's cocoa mass 75%, sugar, coca butter, soy lecithin, vanilla natural aroma.  It may contain traces of dried nuts and milk.

Weight: 80 g

Tipology: Homemade

Attention: The allergens in the ingredients are highlighted in bold.

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