• Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Pasetti is the most representative red of the company, characterized by great elegance. A wine that embodies the essence of the territory, the company's love for it and, above all, the quality that Abruzzo wine has to offer.

    8,03 €
  • Encry is the prestige of a Gran Cuvée, but also a brand that excels in taste and elegance. It is the champagne of Vue Blanche Estelle, the Maison that collects, produces and markets itself, with results appreciated all over the world. The Encry is a surprising discovery of rare pleasures and sublime sensations.

    50,82 €
  • The Black Gin Scapegrage is the first Black Gin, the nose is incredibly fruity, sweet, and slightly spicy, in the mouth it is decidedly aromatic and with a long persistence.

    31,97 €
  • The Etna Bianco 2019 from the Cottanera winery is a wine with a crystalline color, straw yellow, consistent, the nose is intense, complex and fine, with light notes of grapefruit and lime. In the mouth it is dry, soft and fresh, very savory and with a slight persistence.

    12,79 €
  • Jefferson is an Amaro Importante (important), made with fresh herbs and precious citrus fruits from Calabria, rosemary, oregano, lemons, bitter oranges, grapefruit, bergamot and Sila gentian. We can define it the essence of Calabria, awarded in London as the best herbal liqueur at the World's Drink Awards.

    24,18 €
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  • The land where the Tenuta Prunotto is charming and engaging not only for the scenery, the colors and the "silence" it offers, but also for its historical remains and traditions that characterize it.

    9,75 €
  • A Brut Réserve with a stay on the yeast of 72 months that gives the first taste the pleasantness of the toasted notes of Chardonnay and the charm of spicy notes, all surrounded by a fervent freshness that keeps drinking pleasant.

    27,46 €
  • Paradoxe is the Champage Blanc de Noir of the Maison J.M. Labruyère vinified from pure Pinot Noir grapes. From the Grand Cru Verzenay a wine with a golden color with pink-copper streaks and a strong aroma on the nose of small red fruits, cherry and plum, to which are added immediately after notes of slightly toasted licorice and acacia. On the palate it is elegant and warm, persistent and savory in the finish.

    72,95 €
  • The Chianti Classico of the Castellare di Castellina winery is produced in the heart of Chianti using only native Sangiovese vines, and a minimal part of Canaiolo, for what is undoubtedly the most famous Italian red wine in the world. With its strong personality it is ideal with dishes with strong flavors and medium-aged cheeses.

    11,07 €
  • Susco produced by the San Marzano winery is a wine with a dark ruby ​​red color, its high density immediately stands out at the sight, the nose opens with a strong floral scent of cherries, blackberries in jam, sweet spices and aromatic herbs. In the mouth it is full and enveloping, decidedly fresh and delicately tannic with a long and persistent finish.

    13,85 €
  • Fermata 125 is an Etna Rosso DOC produced by the Baglio di Pianetto winery, it is a wine with an intense ruby ​​red color with violet reflections, the nose expresses a bouquet of small red fruits, and Mediterranean scrub, with clear nuances of cherry and strawberries. In the mouth it is remarkably fresh, with a finish of excellent persistence.

    15,16 €
  • La Hechicera in Spanish means "the sorceress", and it is the seductive taste of this rum that is inspired by the name reflecting the multiple aromas of wonderful Colombia. The color is amber, the notes stand out the typical notes of long aging between hints of spices and leather that mix with notes of candied citrus peel. On the palate it is soft, warm with woody hints and spicy notes and a clean finish.

    30,74 €