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  • L'Esprit Nature is Henry Giraud's champagne that demonstrates the Maison's mastery in producing high-quality champagne, a combination of freshness and evolution. A complex nose of pear, peach and orange peel followed by spice and toasted notes.

    49,18 €
  • Pinot Noir I Feudi Di Romans is a red that manages to satisfy the palate with a product whose class lies in the balance and roundness of the sensations.

    11,48 €
  • Cuvée Brut is a Champagne produced by the great Maison Piper Heidsieck, with a straw yellow color, very clear and brilliant, the nose smells of hawthorn and green apple, with balanced hints of ripe pear and citrus fruits wrapped in very delicate toasted notes. In the mouth it is extremely lively and fresh, with a very delicate persistence.

    28,28 €
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  • The Doorly's 12 of the Foursquare Distillery is a blend obtained from the assembly of rums distilled in a single column and in a pot still column. Belonging to the Authentic Caribbean Rum range, Doorly's 12 stands out for its complexity and intensity with notes of chocolate aromas, toffee and toasted notes. Aging in Madeira adds rich hints of dried red fruits and banana.

    38,93 €
  • Bricco dell'Uccellone is a barbera of expression, firstborn of a revolutionary vinification of barbera, with an intense color and great complexity. The palate is generous, rich with a long persistence.

    47,95 €
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  • Perlé Nero is a Trento DOC sparkling wine with a fine and persistent perlage. Fruit of 100% Pinot Noir grapes, Perlé Ferrari is a combination of taste balance and Italian quality.

    55,94 € -9% 61,48 €
  • Alanera Zenato is a complex wine with hints of dried fruit such as cherries and spices such as coffee and tobacco. It has a beautiful deep ruby red and leaves a good finish on the palate.

    11,07 €
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  • Perlé Nero is a Trento DOC sparkling wine with a fine and persistent perlage. Fruit of 100% Pinot Noir grapes, Perlé Ferrari is a combination of taste balance and Italian quality.

    56,15 €
  • Monsupello Nature is a sparkling wine produced by the Monsupello Farm, with a straw yellow color with golden reflections and a fine and persistent perlage with a creamy and soft foam, the nose is very complex, with delicate notes of bread crust and some hints that they bring back to bitter almond and hazelnut, extremely dry in the mouth, with a fine and delicate finish.

    16,60 € -10% 18,44 €
  • Cremant de Limoux Brut Rosé is a classic method sparkling wine, with a straw yellow color with golden reflecti ons, on the nose hints of pulp fruits, such as pear and peach, with a light nectarine note coming from the pinot, which subsequently evolves towards aromas of shearing. In the mouth it is characterized by its fine effervescence supported by good acidity, the finish is extremely long and refreshing.

    13,52 €
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  • Tropicale Sete is a white wine made from Ottonese, Trebbiano and Moscato grapes with hints of exotic fruit and apricot, especially if the yeast is suspended, pleasantly tasty for those who love wines with the flavor of the past.

    17,13 €
  • A very respectable Blanc de Noirs, mainly Pinot Meniuer, the Champagne Ô Ma Vallée Maurice Grumier has a complex nose that follows the elegance and creaminess on the palate, bread crust and pastry but also yellow fruit and a good acidity that completes the drink .

    30,54 € -19% 37,70 €