• Nel Laurent Perrier Blanc de Blancs si scopre l'eccellenza dello chardonnay in una cuvée solo di vini Coteaux de la Montagne de Reims e Côte des Blancs da Chardonnay raccolto una perfetta maturità sono stati selezionati per essere inseriti nell'uvaggio di questo Blanc de Blancs.

    82,00 €
  • The best Chardonnay from the family’s vineyards is used to make this vintage Trentodoc. The phrasing of its taste is highly elegant, with a crescendoing finish.Elegant and harmonious, with the unmistakable fruity, aromatic sensations that are typical of Chardonnay. These are followed by a slightly almondy finish of great persistence, the result of long ageing on the yeasts.

    31,50 €
  • A vintage of extraordinary structure, fascinating synthesis of innovation and tradition. And the natural completion of the collection of the House labels elegance to which maturation in oak adds an intriguing richness and harmonious complexity.

    50,00 €
  • The Premier CruAvenay Val d’Or Prestige is a champagne with a golden yellow color, with coppery nuances, the nose is very expressive, with aromatic hints of ripe fruit such as apricot, quince and plum, which then give way to notes of cherry and hazelnut , in the mouth it is extremely expressive on the palate with notes of peach and plum with a candied finish.

    40,50 € -10% 45,00 €
  • Four fifths in steel and one fifth in wood: this is how the bases of this low-dose Brut Nature cuvée are born, a characteristic that unites all the products signed by the Rèmi Leroy maison.

    44,50 €
  • The Belle Epoque Champagne of the Maison Perrier-Jouët is the Cuvée that is produced in the extraordinary vintages as in the case of the thousandth 2012. Golden and refined perlagre, while the nose stands out floral scents and exotic white fruit such as pear, strawberry, pineapple and ginger. On the palate it's a riot of sensations in which fruity notes prevail in perfect balance with good minerality.

    124,50 €
  • Sarpa Oro di Poli is the barricade Grappa, aged in French oak barrels in the cellars of the Poli Distillery where it refines its complex and complex flavor of exotic fruit, cedar, licorice and vanilla.

    19,50 €
  • Hinotori 5 years old is a Blended Japanese Whisky produced on the island of Honshu in a limited edition for the 70 years of the small craft distillery Hinotori, which in Japanese means Phoenix, like the one depicted on the bottle. It's a selected blend of wheat and malt whisky aged 5 years in American oak barrels.

    85,00 €
  • "It is a journey that has lasted for over 30 years. Turning and talking with people, discover a lot of things. Curiosity and interest in creating new paths and make you do a little way into more", so begins Vittorio Capovilla to tell; undisputed master of Capovilla renowned distiller puts an almost maniacal attention in the continuous search for quality that is reflected in his spirits.

    79,90 €
  • Bourgogne Chardonnay is a very prestigious wine from the French winery Domaine Jacques Prieur, with a bright gold / green color. The nose shows hints of white peach and pear fruits, with light toasted notes of honey and bread, in the mouth it remains taut and slightly spicy. An exclusive Chardonnay, extremely enveloping and with a very high organoleptic profile.

    43,90 €
  • The toast of the Juventini, the limited edition Ferrari Trento doc bubbly dedicated to the most successful team in Italy.

    44,10 € -10% 49,00 €
  • The Amaro of Red Orange and Etna Wild Artichoke, is a distillate that was born in Sicily, with a harmonious and lively taste. Amber in color and with an intense and slightly caramelized aromatic scent, it remains enchanting and sweet in the mouth.

    18,40 €