• Maximum brut by Ferrari is a Trento DOC of great quality, soft and delicate, which comes from a careful selection of only Chardonnay grapes, as in the Ferrari style

    16,80 €
  • The sparkling rosé wine “Luna del Casale” represents the symphony of scents of a Spring day. Freshness and refinement blend into the remarkable taste structure.

    9,75 €
  • Monsupello Nature is a sparkling wine produced by the Monsupello Farm, with a straw yellow color with golden reflections and a fine and persistent perlage with a creamy and soft foam, the nose is very complex, with delicate notes of bread crust and some hints that they bring back to bitter almond and hazelnut, extremely dry in the mouth, with a fine and delicate finish.

    15,98 €
  • The Brandy aged 35 years by Mazzetti d'Altavilla, is a product with a bright amber color, complex aromatic scents on the nose that denote its long and balanced stay in wood, in the mouth it is harmonious and decisive, with an extremely long and persistent finish .

    113,93 €
  • Calafuria is the Tormaresca rosé with a strong personality and refined elegance. The color is a bright pink with coral reflections, a large and intense bouquet with hints of red fruit and almpone. On the palate it is fresh and savory, pleasantly intriguing and in perfect harmony between flavor and acidity.

    9,43 € 13,52 €
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  • Cuvée Prestige, the essence of Franciacorta Ca' del Bosco' s style. A jewel created in 2007 from a knowledge along thirty years. Only the best selections of Chardonnay grapes (75%), Pinot Noir (15%) and Pinot Blanc (10%) from over 134 vineyards are vinified separately and expertly assembled to the reserves of the best vintages in the magical rite of the creation of the Cuvée.

    45,08 €
  • Perlé Nero is a great blanc de noir signed by Ferrari, the only sparkling wine of the winery entirely produced with red berried grapes from its own vineyards grown on the slopes of the Trentino mountains. Now available in an exclusive solid wood box with historical vintages 2003-2004-2005.

    467,21 €
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  • The Glenlivet 15 years old, is a Single Malt Scotch Whiskey with the scent of citrus fruits and spices, including a shimmering hint of vanilla, which reveals from the first sip a complex aroma worthy of the earth from which it comes.

    36,89 € 40,57 €
  • This sparkling wine island of Ventotene takes the name of the island in Roman times; Pandataria is an elegant wine with its fruity and mineral notes.

    11,89 €
  • The Brut Nature Château Rioublanc is a very pleasant bubble from beyond the Alps, a cremant that winks at champagne, and offers a refreshing and fun experience. From the bitter finish.

    13,63 € -5% 14,34 €
  • Ron Abuelo 12 Años reflects our passion to craft the finest aged rum in the world. Under our tropical climate, sublime distillates from estate-grown sugar cane are aged to perfection in selected small oak barrels. Now to try also with the precious Maglio chocolate, Cuxxba, Africa, Caranero.

    49,10 € 56,72 €
  • Original wooden box from the Ruffino winery, containing 2 bottles of Riserva Ducale.

    30,74 € 35,57 €