• The Taurasi Fatica Contadina Terredora is a complex wine, rich in aromas with a broad bouquet with clear hints of black cherries, berries, plums. A perfect wine to enrich traditional Italian meat dishes.

    17,95 €
  • Gil produced by the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale, is a peaty-colored gino, produced through a separate distillation process of juniper, wormwood, angelica and elderflower, on the palate it is extremely intense and balanced.

    28,28 €
  • The SABATINI GINO ° is a non-alcoholic distillate produced by Sabatini Gin, the nose expresses an intense herbaceous scent, characterized by citrus nuances, in the mouth there are immediately balsamic notes, followed by delicate hints of olive leaves, thyme and verbena. The extremely intense finish is long and enveloping.

    28,69 €
  • The Montiano is undoubtedly the spearhead of the Cotarella family, which has enjoyed great success for more than twenty years. It's a pure vinified Merlot with a ruby ​​red color, and an intense bouquet of vanilla and small red fruits, jam and spices with a sweetish aroma. In the mouth it's soft and elegant, with strong fruity aromas that envelop and seduce the palate.

    44,59 €
  • Historic label of the Ferrari Winery and manifesto of the perfect combination of Trentino and Chardonnay grapes. From now with the ability to be customized with your names and wooden casket. Delivery time is 10 working days.

    69,67 €
  • Lagavulin 12 yo special release 2021 is a proud, rampant whiskey with marked elegance. Intense, salty and sweet at the same time with the scent of wood smoke that envelops everything with delight.

    122,95 €
  • I Gelsi Monsupello, a pure Barbera with good structure and pleasantness. Hints of red fruit such as morello cherry and currant and a good structure balanced by a marked softness.

    9,43 €
  • Monsupello Nature is a sparkling wine produced by the Monsupello Farm, with a straw yellow color with golden reflections and a fine and persistent perlage with a creamy and soft foam, the nose is very complex, with delicate notes of bread crust and some hints that they bring back to bitter almond and hazelnut, extremely dry in the mouth, with a fine and delicate finish.

    15,49 €
  • Irish Single Pot Still The Busker produced by Royal Oak Distillery is a whiskey with a dark coppery color, intense notes of white flowers, honey, dried fruit and cloves on the nose, with some spicy caramel hints. In the mouth it is broad and rich, sweetly soft and with a long persistence.

    19,26 €
  • The Amaro of Red Orange and Etna Wild Artichoke, is a distillate that was born in Sicily, with a harmonious and lively taste. Amber in color and with an intense and slightly caramelized aromatic scent, it remains enchanting and sweet in the mouth.

    15,08 €
  • The Solera Selezione is the grappa of the Trentino distillery Segnana with an amber color, intense, and characterized by aromas of candied fruit, vanilla and cinnamon. On the palate it's soft, pleasant and persistent. A grappa for special occasions to be tasted deeply.

    15,44 € -17% 18,61 €
  • The Damoiseau Shrubb Rum is a subtle and harmonious blend, the nose expresses hints of orange peel and spices. This distillate is an iconic Christmas drink in the West Indies, but is also enjoyed throughout the year.

    30,74 €