• The SABATINI GINO ° is a non-alcoholic distillate produced by Sabatini Gin, the nose expresses an intense herbaceous scent, characterized by citrus nuances, in the mouth there are immediately balsamic notes, followed by delicate hints of olive leaves, thyme and verbena. The extremely intense finish is long and enveloping.

    28,69 €
  • Oro di Mazzetti is a liquor based on Grappa di Moscato enriched with flakes of real 23 carat gold. With a low alcohol content and pleasant softness on the palate, the Gold of Mazzetti has contributed to ennoble the image of Made in Italy distillate. Much appreciated in the summer accompanied with a fruit salad, an ice cream or mixed in an original way.

    25,61 €
  • The Demetra Rosé Brut Nature Millesimato Mirabella Franciacorta is a bubble of a beautiful powder color with antique gold reflections and a pleasant complexity with hints of grapefruit, toasted notes and a unique freshness and flavor.

    27,10 € -15% 31,89 €
  • The Grande Fine Champagne François Peyrot is a cognac with a balanced profile, where refinement and personality go hand in hand, a bottle that puts the palate of all lovers of this great French distillate in harmony.

    35,66 €
  • The Nero Buono Murgo of Tenuta La Francescana is a wine of an intense purple color with complex aromas of ripe black plums. A native vine of Lazio from grapes grown on volcanic soils "lovingly".

    11,39 €
  • The Cuvée Prestige Edition 44 is the forty-fourth interpretation of the multivintage Ca 'del Bosco, which every year offers the thousand nuances of Franciacorta in this special label. The Cuvée Prestige Edition 44 expresses the great personality of 139 different wines, coming from 141 vine parcels and from 4 different vintages of the prestigious reserve wines of the Ca 'del Bosco collection.

    25,90 €
  • A ruby red color that contains an intense bouquet rich in red fruit among currant and strawberry, followed by sweet spices. Podere La Borla Monsupello is a pleasantly ample wine, without excesses and extremely elegant also thanks to the Pinot Noir used for the blend.

    11,80 €
  • "It is a journey that has lasted for over 30 years. Turning and talking with people, discover a lot of things. Curiosity and interest in creating new paths and make you do a little way into more", so begins Vittorio Capovilla to tell; undisputed master of Capovilla renowned distiller puts an almost maniacal attention in the continuous search for quality that is reflected in his spirits.

    45,00 €
  • Monsupello Nature is a sparkling wine produced by the Monsupello Farm, with a straw yellow color with golden reflections and a fine and persistent perlage with a creamy and soft foam, the nose is very complex, with delicate notes of bread crust and some hints that they bring back to bitter almond and hazelnut, extremely dry in the mouth, with a fine and delicate finish.

    15,49 €
  • Franciacorta Saten Mirabella is a product with a straw yellow color, and with a fine and persistent perlage, the nose expresses notes of tropical fruit, honey and sweet almond, with a delicate hint of vanilla. In the mouth it is very creamy and elegant, with a long finish with a saffron aftertaste.

    17,79 €
  • Etsu is the Japanese Gin ditillated on the island of Hokkaido at the Asahikawa Distillery according to a secret recipe based on botanical herbs grown in Japan such as berries, peppers, tea and citrus fruits, among which stands out the Yozu which owes its typical floreal aroma fragrant and persistent on the palate. A Gin just arrived in Italy on the wave of international success.

    29,43 €
  • Falesia Chardonnay Paolo e Noemia d'Amico is a complex and balanced wine with hints of ripe fruit and toasted notes that make Falesia a wine to be discovered with every sip.

    13,11 € -20% 16,39 €