• Fleccianello della Pieve is the spearhead of the Fontodi farm, produced with a selected first choice of Sangiovese grapes in purity in the best vintages. 2006 is an excellent year, and as befits an important wine, a long rest in the cellar is recommended before being uncorked on an important occasion.

    113,05 € -5% 119,00 €
  • Talisker is a peaty 2020 special release single malt scotch whisky, aged in ex-bourbon barrels and then aged for a few months in barrels previously used for rum, before being then bottled at a full alcohol content of 57.9%. The first Talisker to age in ex-rum barrels extremely pleasant and all to be enjoyed.

    85,00 €
  • The best Chardonnay from the family’s vineyards is used to make this vintage Trentodoc. The phrasing of its taste is highly elegant, with a crescendoing finish.Elegant and harmonious, with the unmistakable fruity, aromatic sensations that are typical of Chardonnay. These are followed by a slightly almondy finish of great persistence, the result of long ageing on the yeasts.

    31,50 €
  • The Cuvée Rosé is an AOC Champagne with a lively and pleasantly fruity taste, signed by Laurent-Perrier. A sparkling wine famous all over the world thanks to its innovative character (non-vintage rosé) and its unmistakable bottle.

    179,00 €
  • Distilled in Port Ellen and aged in sherry casks for 23 years on 9 September 2003, this Single Islay Malt whiskey is one of the most sensational whiskeys, one of a kind, with a natural flavor, only 616 bottles were produced in all the world.Cask n. 6776 - Bottle n. 114/616

    1 250,00 €
  • The Decanter in a casket contains the Barolo Grappa from the Mazzetti d'Altavilla distilleries, characterized by a marked floral aroma, notes of sage, violet and peach. A precious box containing the flavors of Piedmont.

    59,00 €
  • Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino from the prestigious Col d'Orcia winery in an elegant wooden box.

    39,90 €
  • Champagne Charles Heidsieck Brut Réserve has a fine and refined perlage, and an intense and fragrant bouquet among which hints of cocoa and pastry, freshly picked herbs and aromas of white fruit, undergrowth and a certain minerality stand out. In the mouth, fruity notes of peach, almonds, pineapple and candied fruit prevail that envelop the palate in a unique sensation of crunchy softness.

    42,00 €
  • Amaro d’Angera is produced using thirty alpine herbs. It undergoes thirty days of alcoholic maceration to extract all the aromas and precious essences of yarrow, star anise, sage, gentian, lemon balm, wild mint, creeping thyme and many others; thirteen hours of slow distillation and three months of rest in Angera in Allier oak barrels, to add that distinctive touch that makes the product unique.

    30,00 €
  • The Bas Armagnac of the 1990 Jean Cavé maison shows an amber color, with green reflections, clear and bright. the nose prevails spicy notes and aromas of toasted almonds, while on the palate it's fresh and balanced, with soft tannins and a round taste. The closure is persistent, worthy of an Armagnac of great elegance.

    150,00 €
  • Verso Sera is the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Colline Teramane DOCG by the Velenosi winery. A wine with a ruby ​​red color, with a large bouquet in which hints of plum, blackberry and black currant stand out accompanied by spicy hints and hints of tobacco. The taste is strong and characterized by soft tannins, and a long and persistent finish. Excellent with red meat dishes with strong flavors.

    125,00 €
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