• A Franciacorta "Riserva" with over 60 months of aging in bottle in contact with the yeasts.Cabochon Rosé is produced only in years with particularly favorable characteristics: the previous ones were 2005, 2001, 1995 and 1992.

    105,00 €
  • A Trentodoc without any dosage, which expresses the very essence of Chardonnay from mountainside vineyards. Another wonderful sparkling wine is born in the Ferrari's house and there is nothing to be surprised if it has become a must for sparkling wine lovers. The Perlé Zero is a cuvée of various years and various refinements that make the product unique.

    45,50 €
  • "It is a journey that has lasted for over 30 years. Turning and talking with people, discover a lot of things. Curiosity and interest in creating new paths and make you do a little way into more", so begins Vittorio Capovilla to tell; undisputed master of Capovilla renowned distiller puts an almost maniacal attention in the continuous search for quality that is reflected in his spirits.

    74,90 €
  • Another special sparkling wine by Ca' de del Bosco; the Vintage Dosage Zéro is a sparkling wine clean and excellent only as the "pas dosé" can be. Without any addition of liqueur d'expédition. A pure Franciacorta, fruit of the best expression of an extraordinary terroir and of the man who has sensed its character and potential. Intended for that audience of connoisseurs who love this style.

    49,50 €
  • An unmistakable Gin that is taking on a steady sales success. Gin Mare is a Mediterranean gin flavored with four main botanicals: basil from Italy, thyme from Greece, rosemary from Turkey, citrus fruits from Spain and olive Arbequina, typical cultivar of Catalonia. Next to the classic juniper, coriander, cardamom, these Mediterranean fragrances.

    36,50 €
  • Declared the 5th Grand Cru Classé in the classification of 1855, the Chateau produces one of the most solid wines of the appellation to which it belongs.

    126,65 € -15% 149,00 €
  • The Cabochon is the most prestigious Franciacorta wine among Monte Rossa production. It has been created in 1985 researching the most accurate selection of cru from the Hill of Monte Rossa and a new vinification system introducing the "barriques" for the first fermentation of the must.

    55,00 €
  • One of the most popular Maison of Champagne in the Alps. A Champagne that conquers the delicately delicate bouquet and easy approach.

    25,00 €
  • A Blanc de Blancs thick due to a careful selection of the grapes grown in the Mountain Cru of Reims and Côte des Blancs and long refinements, with a minimum of 10 years of maturation on the lees.

    59,90 €
  • Cannubi is the Barolo cru that enjoys the best exposure and the best microclimate of Langa. It was and is the best result of grapes and fine wines. It is the ambassador par excellence of all the surrounding areas.

    58,00 €
  • A Brut Réserve with a stay on the yeast of 72 months that gives the first taste the pleasantness of the toasted notes of Chardonnay and the charm of spicy notes, all surrounded by a fervent freshness that keeps drinking pleasant.

    30,00 € -20% 37,50 €