Poli Barrique Solera di Famiglia Poli Barrique Solera di Famiglia

Poli Barrique Solera di Famiglia

Producer: Region: Veneto


The Poli Barrique Solera di Famiglia is a reserve grappa produced with the Solera aging method, and in particular the 18-98 began to be assembled in 2001 by selecting 7 barriques of grappa every year until 2014, bringing the total number of barriques used to 98 to produce it. Powerful grappa like a lion.

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The history of the Poli distilleries began in 1898 in a tavern in Schiavon in the Province of Vicenza by GioBatta, the great grandfather of the current owners, who distilled the pomace harvested in the farms of the Veneto foothills with his cart-drawn still. grappa. Today the company is in its fourth generation and has evolved over the years by integrating care and respect for tradition with research and innovation that have brought the art of distillation to the present day. From the mobile alembic, we moved on to various expansions of well-sized grandfather Giovanni's plants, until the last one installed by Jacopo Poli in 1983, which counts 12 copper boilers heated with flowing steam, according to a traditional and discontinuous method, ideal for the processing of red marcs. If we add to this the projects developed with the Agrario San Michele all'Adige Institute and the University of Trento in 2003 to produce an innovative vacuum bain-marie still, we have a measure of the bond and value that this family has created in the area, nurturing and developing ancient traditions to this day.

The Grappa Poli Barrique Solera di Famiglia is obtained from a cuvée of red vines of the Veneto as a raw material, and is produced with the solera method that allows you to assemble different vintages in a blend of rare harmony. On the nose stand out chocolate, vanilla, freshly roasted coffee, nutmeg and honey which combine with hints of cooked tropical fruit creating a bouquet of great intensity. In the mouth the taste is warm and dry, with a surprising aromatic complexity. Since 2015 a blend of the vintages realized has been produced, in order to keep a unique grappa in each bottle.

Origin: Veneto

Alcohol: 55%

Volume: 70 cl

Producer: Poli

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