Decant'art Picasso Dream Decant'art Picasso Dream Decant'art Picasso Dream

Decant'art Picasso Dream

Producer: Region: Piemonte


The Decant'art Tribute to Frida Kahlo is one of the rare pearls of the Mazzettti d'Altavilla series of artistic decanters. Inspired by her hard and charismatic face which reveals the sensitivity and inner strength of which a woman is capable. A personality that enchants and seduces like that of Grappa di Arneis, young but decisive, with a great aromatic complexity.

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In 1846 Filippo Mazzetti founded his first distillery in Montemagno in the heart of Monferrato, and began to carefully select what in the beginning was considered a waste material from the production of wine: pomace. It was not easy then to recover the best raw materials from the winemakers scattered in the most remote areas of Monferrato, but the determination of Filippo first and his son Luigi then, gave birth to a company philosophy to which we owe the production of grappas among the best in the world. The search for quality and the continuous refinement of distillation techniques, today are the secrets of the success of a sixth-generation distillery capable of telling the whole world the immense sensorial heritage present in every grape of Monferrato.

The Grappa di Nebbiolo from Barolo Mazzetti Altavilla has many similarities with the portrait to which it is dedicated. Like the colors of Pablo Picasso's "Dream", Nebbiolo grappa from Barolo is intense, powerful, complex and of great strength. A strong and decisive character like the grappa it contains, ready to leave a dry mark on the palate of those who taste it.

Origin: Piedmont

Alcohol: 43%

Volume: 70 cl

Producer: Mazzetti d'Altavilla

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