Libera Nos A Malo 3 annate Libera Nos A Malo 3 annate

Libera Nos A Malo 3 annate

Producer: Region: Veneto


The Grappa Libera Nos A Malo 3 Annate is a grappa aged in Romanian and French oak barique for 3 years. Fragrant, soft and full flavor as in the best tradition of Antica Distilleria Attilio Dalla Vecchia.

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The history of Grappa in that of Malo in the Vicenza area, is synonymous with the Dalla Vecchia family. An ancestor of Mr. Attilio in the early 1800s founded the first distillery there, and the first still to which we owe the family's fortune is dated 1870. The series of grappas LIBERA NOS A MALO owes its name to the writer Luigi Meneghello, witness of the great literary tradition of the small town, with his most famous book "Libera Nos A Malo "(Deliver us from evil), a cross-section of the uses, customs and people of the 19th century in Malo. Hence the desire to create a line of grappas deeply linked to the tradition of distillation typical of the Vicenza area, historically suited to the production of superior quality grappas. The secret of the success of the Antica Distilleria Attilio Dalla Vecchia is in the transfer of secular knowledge from generation to generation, together with a massive dose of love and passion.

The Grappa Libera Nos A Malo 3 Annate is produced with the usual care by the Antica Distilleria Attilio Dalla Vecchia from fresh marcs from the cellar just pressed with the method of discontinuous distillation with small copper boilers. The alcohol content is 40 ° and it's a grappa to be enjoyed slowly and at room temperature.

Origin: Veneto

Aging: 3 years

Alcohol: 40%

Volume: 70 cl

Producer: Antica Distilleria Attilio Dalla Vecchia

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