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  • Romano Levi Chamomile grappa is a unique and intriguing product; Chamomile Romano Levi grappa is born from the pomace of grapes used for the great Piedmontese wines, in which we find the pleasant scents of the fragrant chamomile flowers of the Langhe. An old recipe by Lidia Levi found in her notes.

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  • Grappa di Moscato Levi is a grappa that expresses the territoriality of Piedmont. Intense and pleasant aroma typical of Muscat grappa and on the palate it is fruity, sweet without excess and with a rich body.

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  • The Moscato Grappa of Mazzetti d'Altavilla, is a bright yellow distillate, with golden reflections, the nose is immediately balanced and aromatic, with hints of fruit and herbs such as sage, rose and violet, accompanied by some delicate notes of peach . In the mouth it is extremely intense and powerful with a pleasantly long finish.

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  • There are vintages that stand out, giving rise to unrepeatable distillates. The 2011 vintage Grappa Riserva di Barolo aged 5 years was chosen as the poetic content for this bottle, set like a jewel in a smooth and fragrant wooden box. The nobility of this distillate is incomparable.

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  • The Grappa Riserva Alba was born from the desire of the Mazzetti distillery d'Altavilla to tell the noble vines that have strongly characterized the Piedmontese territory, and to offer an excellent synthesis. And this is how the grappa long aged in barrique can be distilled from Nabbiolo and Erbaluce pomaces, capable of giving the palate intense sensations.

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  • Mazzetti d'Altavilla Riserva is an amber-colored grappa, with an intense and dry flavor, the nose is decidedly impetuous and persistent, with decisive floral hints of violet, perfect for lovers of this type of grappa.

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  • The Grapa di Barolo Cannubi, from the Tenuta Carretta winery, is a dark amber-colored distillate, with a wide and intense aroma of dry fruit with hints of hay, coconut and white pepper, on the palate it is warm and tasty, decidedly complex, rich and harmonious.

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  • From the meeting of two personalities such as Walter Massa and Vittorio Capovilla, the Pertichetta grappa di croatina is born. A fine distillate with a crystalline color, a fragrant bouquet and a harmonious, pleasant taste, characterized by the aromas of the Croatina grape.

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  • Volpedo is born from the meeting of two personalities like Walter Massa and Vittorio Capovilla, the grappa produced with the delicious Volpedo Peaches with an extraordinary taste and rich in fruity aromas.

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  • The Decant'art Homage to Van Gogh by Mazzetti d'Altavilla depicts the famous painting "Sunflowers", a cry that releases a great energy like that of the Piedmontese grappa contained in this admirable wooden box accompanied by the two hand-painted balloons.

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  • The Decant'art Tribute to Frida Kahlo is one of the rare pearls of the Mazzettti d'Altavilla series of artistic decanters. Inspired by her hard and charismatic face which reveals the sensitivity and inner strength of which a woman is capable. A personality that enchants and seduces like that of Grappa di Arneis, young but decisive, with a great aromatic complexity.

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  • TreSoliTre is a grappa aged in wood barrels from Nebbiolo pomace, strictly from the typical areas of Piedmont. It has an amber color and the haunting and intense aromas recall marasca, vanilla, blackcurrant, apricot and cocoa. The sensations on the palate are ample and surprising, testifying to a marked personality.

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