Negroni by Mazzetti Negroni by Mazzetti

Negroni by Mazzetti

Producer: Region: Piemonte


Mazzetti d'Altavilla celebrates 100 years of the famous Negroni cocktail with a special recipe based on Bitter, Gin and Amaro Gentile all rigorously Mazzetti, wishing you 100 of these Negroni.

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In 1846 Filippo Mazzetti founded his first distillery in Montemagno in the heart of Monferrato, and began to carefully select what in the beginning was considered a waste material from the production of wine: pomace. It was not easy then to recover the best raw materials from the winemakers scattered in the most remote areas of Monferrato, but the determination of Filippo first and his son Luigi then, gave birth to a company philosophy to which we owe the production of grappas among the best in the world. The search for quality and the continuous refinement of distillation techniques, today are the secrets of the success of a sixth-generation distillery capable of telling the whole world the immense sensorial heritage present in every grape of Monferrato.

Mazzetti d'Altavilla proposes its Negroni recipe with a stylish package including a Jigger, containing the 10 cl Bitter Mazzetti for 25% alcohol, the 10 cl Gin Mazzetti for 42% alcohol and the 10 bit Amaro Gentile Mazzetti cl with 30% alcohol. The Bitter as it used to be rich in bitter sensations of roots, spices, seeds, the London Dry Gin with the freshness of the juniper berries of the pre-Alpine valleys, the Amaro with an ancient taste obtained from 13 herbs, berries and roots of the foothills. All the ingredients for an excellent Negroni branded Mazzetti.

Origin: Piedmont

Alcohol: Bitter Mazzetti 25%, Gin Mazzetti 42%, Amaro Gentile Mazzetti 30%.

Volume: 10 cl x 3

Producer: Mazzetti d'Altavilla

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