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  • Can a gin represent the production terroir? Villa Ugo by Sabatini gin yes, because it was born with the intention of using the typical botanicals of Tuscany, to which the boys were fond of when they played in the fields, such as cypress, coriander, Florentine iris, laurel, lavender. Thus was born the Tuscan Dry Gin Villa Ugo di Sabatini gin.

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  • The last Gin born from the skill of the Quaglia Distillery in collaboration with the guys from Jerry Thomas in Rome, Gin The Fighter Bear is elegant, round, fragrant and soft.

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  • Aqva di Gin Citrus is a Gin produced by Bespoke Distillery, it is an extremely soft complex blend, the nose is characterized by notes given by the bergamot and mandarin peel, with a very long and well balanced finish.

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  • Aqua di Gin is a Gin produced by Bespoke Distillery, with an extremely aromatic taste, the intense spicy notes open the way to delicate vanilla notes of the tonka bean and with a spicy finish of pink pepper. It is distilled is round and balanced.

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  • Gil produced by the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale, is a peaty-colored gino, produced through a separate distillation process of juniper, wormwood, angelica and elderflower, on the palate it is extremely intense and balanced.

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  • The SABATINI GINO ° is a non-alcoholic distillate produced by Sabatini Gin, the nose expresses an intense herbaceous scent, characterized by citrus nuances, in the mouth there are immediately balsamic notes, followed by delicate hints of olive leaves, thyme and verbena. The extremely intense finish is long and enveloping.

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  • Gil is the only peated gin in the world, a distillate that is born thanks to the richness of the Calabrian territory, in the wonderful setting of the Sila. A magnificent product that combines low-altitude juniper with peat, creating an Italian peaty gin, always remaining faithful to the rural distillation method.

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  • Gino Sabatini is so special as there are 9 different botanicals in it: juniper, coriander, iris, wild fennel, lavender, olive leaves, thyme, verben and sage.

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  • Villa Ascenti is an all-Italian premium Gin born in Piedmont from Tuscan juniper berries and carefully selected local raw materials such as muscat grapes, thyme, mint. On the nose the hint of juniper combined with aromatic herbs is pleasantly fresh, while on the palate the Muscat grapes add a touch of velvety sweetness that makes the taste particularly harmonious.

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  • Gin & Tonic ForEver is the package born from the creativity of Mazzetti d'Altavilla for lovers of long drinks with a fine palate, who will be able to combine Gin with the botanicals of Piedmont, two qualities of tonic water. Tell me what tonic water you want and I'll tell you who you are.

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  • Malfy Gin Rosa is produced in Italy using Sicilian pink grapefruit peel, along with juniper, rhubarb and 5 other strictly Italian botanicals. The taste is initially juicy with fresh grapefruit, with a long finish of juniper. To be enjoyed under the Italian sunshine strictly on the rocks, with the right tonic.

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  • Malfy Gin with Lemon is produced in Italy using Sfusato lemon peels from the Amalfi coast, a very high quality variety typical of this wonderful zone, which together with juniper and the other 5 selected botanicals, make this gin absolutely unique. Perfect with a premium tonic and a slice of lemon.

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