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  • Flor de Sevilla is a new Gin that Tanqueray dedicates to the city of Seville and the thousand colors of the Andalusian city. It's obtained from Seville oranges and 4 other botanicals, hence the light amber color, and the scent of orange combined with the typical aromas of Tanqueray gin, juniper and coriander above all. On the palate it's fresh, complex and slightly sweet recalling the flavor of the citrus.

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  • Tanqueray London Dry Gin is a great classic among gin lovers and bartenders from all over the world. Obtained from 4 botanicals without the use of citrus fruits, in the glass it's crystalline, while on the nose the aromas of juniper, balsamic and herbaceous notes prevail, and licorice root. On the palate it's dry, soft and delicate, with a pleasant vegetal finish.

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  • Tanqueray N ° Ten is a London Dry Gin that stands out for its elegance and complexity compared to the other labels of the famous British distillery. On the nose, citrus notes prevail together with the inevitable juniper, present but more delicate, and licorice. On the palate it's sharp, with hints of spices, lime, angelica, camonilla, juniper, which make it persistent and slightly sweet.

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  • Villa Ascenti is an all-Italian premium Gin born in Piedmont from Tuscan juniper berries and carefully selected local raw materials such as muscat grapes, thyme, mint. On the nose the hint of juniper combined with aromatic herbs is pleasantly fresh, while on the palate the Muscat grapes add a touch of velvety sweetness that makes the taste particularly harmonious.

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  • Mazzetti d'Altavilla celebrates 100 years of the famous Negroni cocktail with a special recipe based on Bitter, Gin and Amaro Gentile all rigorously Mazzetti, wishing you 100 of these Negroni.

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  • Gin & Tonic ForEver is the package born from the creativity of Mazzetti d'Altavilla for lovers of long drinks with a fine palate, who will be able to combine Gin with the botanicals of Piedmont, two qualities of tonic water. Tell me what tonic water you want and I'll tell you who you are.

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  • The Gin Sloe of the Swedish Hernö distilleries is produced from the same distillate as the Hernö London Dry Gin but with the addition of organic plum berries and local honey after distillation. The result is a sweet and balanced gin signed by the award-winning Swedish distillery.

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  • Etsu is the Japanese Gin ditillated on the island of Hokkaido at the Asahikawa Distillery according to a secret recipe based on botanical herbs grown in Japan such as berries, peppers, tea and citrus fruits, among which stands out the Yozu which owes its typical floreal aroma fragrant and persistent on the palate. A Gin just arrived in Italy on the wave of international success.

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  • The Gin Monkey is 47% alcohol content as 47 are the herbs and spices selected for distillation, which occurs using the pure water of the Black Forest, on the border south west of Germany. The result is remarkable, complex, exciting.

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  • Malfy Gin Rosa is produced in Italy using Sicilian pink grapefruit peel, along with juniper, rhubarb and 5 other strictly Italian botanicals. The taste is initially juicy with fresh grapefruit, with a long finish of juniper. To be enjoyed under the Italian sunshine strictly on the rocks, with the right tonic.

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  • Malfy Gin with Lemon is produced in Italy using Sfusato lemon peels from the Amalfi coast, a very high quality variety typical of this wonderful zone, which together with juniper and the other 5 selected botanicals, make this gin absolutely unique. Perfect with a premium tonic and a slice of lemon.

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  • Malfy Gin Original is the classic dry gin produced in Italy using wild juniper berries that grows in the Alps near the Moncalieri distillery, and brought to gradation with the Monviso spring water, the purest in Italy.

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