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  • Liquore Chinotto is a liqueur of the Quaglia distillery obtained by infusing freshly picked fresh chinotti. A particular and very pleasant product with a dark amber color and delicate aromas of citrus and spices. On the palate it is tasty and elegant, with hints of vanilla and rhubarb, and floral notes of dandelion and orange blossom.

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  • The Liquore Bergamotto by Quaglia distillery is obtained from the skins of fresh fruit only, and releases citrus aromas and floral scents accompanied by balsamic notes. The taste confirms the olfactory sensations with intense citrus and floral notes that envelop the palate revealing character and a very pleasant body.

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  • The Cherry Liqueur of the Quaglia distillery is obtained by infusion of fresh fruit in alcohol as per an ancient and precious recipe from the 1800s. The raw material is the white and red cherries of the Turin hill, from which an intense red distillate with orange reflections is obtained. The aromas of the fruit are combined with hints of almonds and spices. On the palate it's soft and delicate.

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  • The Myrtle Green of Sardinia from the Bresca distilleries is a liqueur obtained from the hydroalcoholic infusion of the organic myrtle leaves collected during the year when they are rich in essential oils that define the flavor. The first sip recognizes the typical aromas of Sardinia in all their complexity.

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  • Dolcelegno is a liqueur obtained from Calabrian licorice root extract. Ideal at the end of the meal, considering the digestive and anti-inflammatory properties of licorice, but it's also pleasantly drunk at other times of the day.

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  • With the Maley cider, an ancient tradition typical of the Aosta Valley is renewed, which never made this drink lacking on the tables of the alpine villages. A classic method sparkling cider, whose fresh scent of apple and freshly picked herbs is very pleasant on the palate.

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  • Solerno is the Sicilian blood orange liqueur produced in Sicily by the Scottish distillery William Grant & Sons, exclusively for the Italian market. The aromas of orange and lemon come directly to the nose, and then conquer the palate with hints of citrus, this time candied. A fresh aromatic liqueur destined for success.

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  • The Elisir Gambrinus is the famous Venetian liqueur still produced today following the original recipe kept by the Zanotto family on a manuscript from the end of the 19th century. The protagonist of the recipe is the Raboso wine, from the native Paive grape variety, to which are added alcohol, cane sugar and Venetian grappa. The secret of success lies in the long aging in the cellars in the heart of the Piave region.

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  • Oro di Mazzetti is a liquor based on Grappa di Moscato enriched with flakes of real 23 carat gold. With a low alcohol content and pleasant softness on the palate, the Gold of Mazzetti has contributed to ennoble the image of Made in Italy distillate. Much appreciated in the summer accompanied with a fruit salad, an ice cream or mixed in an original way.

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  • Finocchiello by Gusto e Tradizione is made with wild fennel that grows wild on the edges of the country roads of San Felice Circeo. A fresh and perfect liqueur after meals as a digestive.

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  • Limoncello by Gusto e Tradizione is produced with lemons grown naturally in the sunny countryside and along the slopes of Monte Circeo, capturing the scents of a sun-kissed land.

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