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  • The Scuppoz's Genziana delle Pecore is a very bitter liqueur with great digestive properties produced with white wine and a set of hand-cut roots. In the manufacturing process, white wine facilitates the extraction of genuine aromas from the gentian root, giving life to a complex distillate with a round taste.

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  • Amaro Lago Maggiore created by the Rossi d'Angera, is a product obtained from a careful selection of the best alpine herbs and roots. The nose has deep hints of lemon and mandarin, in the mouth it is intense, fresh and lively, on the palate it is delicate and with a balanced persistence.

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  • The Amaro Extra Strong Roger produced by the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale company was born from the inspiration of its creator Ivano Trombino, who was able to maintain full respect for the cyclical nature of nature. This Amaro is in fact the result of a careful selection of citrus and bittering botanicals. Its natural color and its strong character make it ideal consumed neat as an after meal, for lovers of true bitter taste.

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  • Amaro Frack has a unique and secret recipe, formed by the union of 3 blends, previously prepared with separate infusions. the first particularly complex blend gives the bitter charge, the second blend gives it roundness, the third blend is composed of a vinous base fortified with unique spices.

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  • Amaro Intervallo, is an original product of the customs warehouse cellar, which combines gentian, absinthe, bay leaf, and marjoram expertly processed in single and separate infusions, with mint and sage processed in steam distillations. Perfect to delight the palate of aficionados.

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  • Amaro Eroico is an elixir, obtained by hand through a cold maceration process, in which berries, roots, aromatic and officinal herbs blend with the intense and unique taste of cedar and bergamot of Calabria, Lemon of Sorrento IGP and Orange Red of Sicily PGI.

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  • The Underberg amaro is a product created by the Underberg AG company, aged in Slovenian quesrcia barrels, it is unique and unmistakable, in fact this original type of amaro is produced exclusively in the typical 3x2 cl format. to have the right amount always at hand!

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  • The Amaro di Carciofino Selvatico dell'Etna is a distillate extracted in a natural way from the wild artichoke harvested in the Sicilian valleys, around the Etna volcano. A truly enveloping product, with an amber color and an intense full aromatic scent, and a sweetish taste.

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  • The Amaro of Red Orange and Etna Wild Artichoke, is a distillate that was born in Sicily, with a harmonious and lively taste. Amber in color and with an intense and slightly caramelized aromatic scent, it remains enchanting and sweet in the mouth.

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  • Amaro Forte Mazzetti is a liquorice-flavored distillate, of which dandelion and peppermint are the strongest notes.

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  • Amaro Gentile Mazzetti is an ancient elixir of thirteen herbs, berries and roots gathered on the Piedmont hills. Each variety gives very particular notes to the product and brings with it traditional perfuming, flavoring and digestive properties.

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  • Very tasty double bitter of herbs based on grappa.

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