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  • Amara is a Sicilian liqueur based on red orange that thrives in the citrus groves that stretch between Catania and Mount Etna in a wonderful landscape. The orange peels combined with the infusions of aromatic herbs give life to a pleasant liqueur, an excellent natural digestive that perfectly describes the flavors and colors of the Trinacria

    17,90 €
  • Jefferson is an Amaro Importante (important), made with fresh herbs and precious citrus fruits from Calabria, rosemary, oregano, lemons, bitter oranges, grapefruit, bergamot and Sila gentian. We can define it the essence of Calabria, awarded in London as the best herbal liqueur at the World's Drink Awards.

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  • Vaca Mora is the bitterness of the Poli distilleries obtained by infusion in grappa and alcohol of aromatic herbs, with a spicy aroma and a live hint of mint. It's an excellent digestive with a long tradition in the Vicenza area.

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  • The fluid extract, Amaro Izzi's secret formula, gives the Amaro Erbes Gran Riserva a pleasantly bitter taste more complete and more harmonious, embellished by aging in Slavonian oak barrels and by the traditional slower filtration method.

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  • Amaro Erbes is a product prepared exclusively with extracts of herbs, roots and seeds.

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  • Very tasty bitter with intense scent of mandarin.

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  • A bitter of great complexity that completes the "Del Professore" line which stands out for the unique products designed with maniacal care typical of the boys of the "Jerry Thomas Speakeasy" of Rome.

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  • Amaro d’Angera is produced using thirty alpine herbs. It undergoes thirty days of alcoholic maceration to extract all the aromas and precious essences of yarrow, star anise, sage, gentian, lemon balm, wild mint, creeping thyme and many others; thirteen hours of slow distillation and three months of rest in Angera in Allier oak barrels, to add that distinctive touch that makes the product unique.

    30,00 €