Genziana delle Pecore Genziana delle Pecore

Genziana delle Pecore

Producer: Region: Abruzzo


The Scuppoz's Genziana delle Pecore is a very bitter liqueur with great digestive properties produced with white wine and a set of hand-cut roots. In the manufacturing process, white wine facilitates the extraction of genuine aromas from the gentian root, giving life to a complex distillate with a round taste.

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The word Scuppoz in the dialect of Valle Castellana in Abruzzo was used to indicate the shot glass in the act of celebrating and toasting, then fell into disuse until the entrepreneur Benito Cicconi reused it as a name for his artisan liqueurs in the years' 70. The Scuppoz company was officially born in 1982 in a small warehouse in Valle Castellana, where it was produced and sold in retail. Adriano, son of Benito, took the reins of the company in the wake of the development of the sector, began to produce Genziana and started a process of unstoppable growth. Today, together with his family, in the third generation, he continues the production of experimental liqueurs and infusions respecting and enhancing ancient artisan recipes. The Scuppoz company has become a large family in which each employee is an active part of a noble project that hands down the many facets of a region like Abruzzo.

"A long time ago, among the green pastures of Valle Castellana ... the shepherds noticed that the sheep, satisfied after grazing, continually went to lick Gentian plants; this curious habit made them understand, over time, that the roots stimulated digestion. From here it all began!"

Scuppoz Genziana delle Pecore (Sheeps in italian) is obtained by infusing certified gentian lutea roots into superior quality Trebbiano wine, to which is added a selection of other gentian roots of various types. The alcohol content depends on the base wine used with the addition of alcohol and sugar in useful doses to calm the bitterness of the product. Before being bottled, the liqueur is carefully filtered. The high quality of the raw material collected at high altitudes guarantees a greater active ingredient useful for digestion.

Origin: Abruzzo

Alcohol: 23%

Volume: 100 cl

Producer: Scuppoz

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