Greco di Tufo Giallo d'Arles Greco di Tufo Giallo d'Arles

Greco di Tufo Giallo d'Arles

Producer: Year: 2018 Region: Campania

Giallo d'Arles 2018

Extreme and strict interpretation of the Greek Tufo.La vineyard of the Yellow D'Arles is in Tufo, cradle of Greek di Tufo, therefore, a cru in single variety, very influenced vintage expression of their varietal character.

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At Quintodecimo the vineyards are real gardens where each plant is treated in detail to get the best result. Is adopted a highly respectful of the land viticulture, microclimate, plant and biodiversity of the place with the main objective to get ripe fruit, perfectly healthy, fully intact and healthy. Biological precision farming, without the use of harmful products for the plant, the man, the environment and without the use of herbicides and fertilizers. The management of the land is completely mechanical and soil fertility is supported by appropriate agronomic practices such as green cover, mulching, green manure. The goal is to produce wines strongly tied to the land in which they live and the screws are treated by uomini. The cellar Quintodecimo is "inside" the vineyard. This is a very important aspect. In this case the latency time between collection and mashing is almost zero, the grapes are ammostata to maximum freshness and without any possibility of alteration. Also this condition responds to another key requirement at the base of wine production: vineyards and wine must represent a single entity in order to convey the idea of ​​eternity, infinity. In fact it is the winery that I've always dreamed of. Simple, small, basic, without any particular technology, made mainly satisfy my own intimate need more than amaze. For me the cellar is a place of peace, of nobility, of silence, of meditation, of silence. It's just a place, but rational, which encourages man to patience. Go to the cellar means passing from light to darkness. For this reason, the cellar should be immersed in the land. It's a dark place par excellence. It is under the ground and under the house. It is a place so that I always dreamed for my wine so that was realized in Quintodecimo. The wine from the wine-making to packaging is under the house of thirty steps. And know that you have to go down these steps to reach it, contemplate it, touch it, taste it is truly a unique pleasure that fills me with joy.

White wine with the structure of a red, powerful and refined, characterized by a deep minerality merged with notes of apricot and quince jam and a full and fresh taste.

Region: Campania

Year: 2018

Alcohol content: 14%

Volume: 75 cl.

Winery: Quintodecimo

Grape: Greco di Tufo

Name: Greco di Tufo DOCG

Pairing:  Perfect with many mediterranean dishes.

Download: Scheda tecnica Giallo d'Arles - (1.02 MB)

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