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  • Japanese Pure Malt Whiskey Hatozaki is one of the two products with which Kaikyo Distillery presents itself to the world of Japanese Whiskeys. A distillate with a noble soul and a delicate aromatic bouquet enriched with spicy notes. A bottle to be enjoyed after dinner on the right occasion.

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  • The Japanese Blended Whisky Hatozaki is one of the two products with which the Kaikyo Distillery presents itself to the world of Japanese Whisky. It's appreciable the delicacy on the palate and the aromatic amplitude with a strong floral component. A whisky to be enjoyed on the right evening.

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  • Hinotori 5 years old is a Blended Japanese Whisky produced on the island of Honshu in a limited edition for the 70 years of the small craft distillery Hinotori, which in Japanese means Phoenix, like the one depicted on the bottle. It's a selected blend of wheat and malt whisky aged 5 years in American oak barrels.

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  • The Tottori Blended Whiskey Aged in Bourbon Barrel, from the Matsui Japanese distillery, is the aged version of the Japanese Whiskey among the best known in the world, which rests 3 years in Bourbon barrels before being bottled. Golden and bright color, the nose is characterized by the typical fruity and smoked notes, while on the palate it's rich in aromas including caramelized fruit and vanilla.

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  • The Tottori is the Blended Whiskey of the Matsui distillery, born in the province of Tottori in Japan 100 years ago. Thanks to the pure spring waters used and the experience in the art of distillation, an excellent Whiskey is obtained with a light and bright color, with an aromatic flavor of spices and red fruits with a woody finish that recalls oak.

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  • This is a single malt from the Miyagikyo distillery, Nikka's second distillery built in 1969. The founder Masataka Taketsuru chose this site in the mountains of Sendai to contrast with his first distillery, Yoichi, located in the coastal area.

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  • This is a single malt from the Yoichi distillery, Nikka's first distillery built in 1934. The founder Masataka Taketsuru chose Yoichi in Hokkaido because of the similar environmental conditions to Scotland, where he learned whisky making.

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  • This is a blended malt named in honor of Masataka Taketsuru, the father of Japanese whisky. He is the first Japanese who mastered whisky-making in Scotland and produced the genuine whisky in Japan. 

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  • Nikka is now the new trend of malt whiskey. Japan is now recognized by leading experts for the high quality and accuracy in the production. For the past seven years to win the World's Whiskey Awards with its Taketsuru 17, 21 yo Best Blended Malt and Yoichi Single Malt as the best in the world.

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