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  • Caol Ila Wilson & Morgan Whiskey 2014 Bourbon Finish 100% U.K. bottled at the traditional 100 UK Proof strength to preserve its robustness, this Islay single malt is one of the fullest, most succulent and aromatic ones recently released by Wilson & Morgan.

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  • The Caol Ila Wilson & Morgan Whiskey 2014 Bourbon Finish is a particularly sweet version of thisTimeless Islay single malt, young but made round and juicy thanks to the use of exvery active bourbons made to measure for us (hogshead), which have bestowed amazingmaturity in a short time.

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  • Il Linkwood Sherry finish Oloroso è un whisky corpThe Linkwood 14 Sherry finish Oloroso is a full-bodied whiskey from Speyside, with the traditional fruity and juicy character, and a strong backbone of creamy malt and robust honey.oso dello Speyside, con il tradizionale carattere fruttato e succoso, e una forte spina dorsale di malto cremoso e miele robusto.

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  • The Ben Nevis selected and aged by Wilson & Morgan in ex-sherry barrels gives fruity and vinous sensations while maintaining the characteristic hint of orange peel typical of the distillery.

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  • A very delicate and fragrant single malt from Speyside, but with exciting new twists thanks to the contribution of Virgin Oak, a first passage oak. Wilson & Morgan has selected the best barrels of the Glen Elgin distillery to complete the refinement according to their vision.

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  • One of Scotland's smallest and oldest distilleries, Oban has endured in the coastal town that bears its name since 1794, often described asthe gateway between the Highlands and the islands. The Oban 12yo special release 2021 is an intriguing and sinuous whiskey and out of the ordinary while remaining faithful to the easy and sober style of Oban.

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  • Inspired by the original Augustus Bulleit's bourbon, who madeBulleit Bourbon 10 yo is the reserve selected by Tom Bulleit. It matures for a full decade in toasted American white oak barrels. The result is a unique and unmistakable expression of Bulleit, offering a rich and profound experience. a high-rye whiskey between 1830-1860, Tom left a successful law practice and risked everything to experience life on the frontier. Today, we're not the only ones who are glad he did.

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  • Lagavulin 12 yo special release 2021 is a proud, rampant whiskey with marked elegance. Intense, salty and sweet at the same time with the scent of wood smoke that envelops everything with delight.

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  • The Talisker 8 yo special release 2021 has a strong, energetic character like the Isles' Highland whiskeys in the old days. Clear and powerful "like a sea monster that breathes fire".

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  • Irish Single Pot Still The Busker produced by Royal Oak Distillery is a whiskey with a dark coppery color, intense notes of white flowers, honey, dried fruit and cloves on the nose, with some spicy caramel hints. In the mouth it is broad and rich, sweetly soft and with a long persistence.

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  • Irish Single Malt The Busker produced by Royal Oak Distillery with an intense golden color, the nose opens with deep notes of tropical fruit, accompanied by hints of apple, dried flowers, and delicate sweet nuances of caramel and cocoa. In the mouth it is soft and full-bodied, rich in a pleasant sweetness and with a very long and persistent finish.

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  • Irish Single Grain produced by Royal Oak Distillery, is a light golden yellow whiskey, the nose expresses notes of caramel, vanilla, hay dried by delicate hints of sweet spices. In the mouth it is perfectly balanced, velvety and medium-bodied, the finish is long, dry and pleasantly sweet.

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