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  • The Foursquare Redoutable is a rum originating in Barbados, XV limited edition of the fousqueare distillery. This rum is made from the assembly of pot stills placed in single column stills aged in ex-boubon and ex-maderia barrels for 14 years.

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  • The Foursquare Detente is a Molasses Rum originating from Barbados, produced by the assembly of two rums, one aged 10 years in ex-bourbon barrels and one aged for 4 years in ex-bourbon barrels and 6 in ex-porto cask. This rum was bottled without being cold filtered.

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  • The Barbados Rum 10 yo produced by the Four Square Distillery is a distillate with a golden color, with a very aromatic bouquet, with notes of malt, marzipan and white chocolate, light toasted hints of hazelnut and peanut butter. In the mouth despite its young age it is vigorous and full-bodied.

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  • Fiji is a straw yellow colored rum, which almost shyly hides all its '' enfant terrible '' strength, the nose is extremely spicy, with herbaceous notes, slightly '' peaty '', and hints of olive, with a final with a fruity finish of pear and cooked apples. In the mouth it remains extraordinarily long and persistent.

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  • Mabaruma is a rum with a light orange color, on the palate it is fruity with sweet notes of cream pudding and peanut butter and light hints of citrus with orange peel and mandarin.

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  • Demerara 1999 Port Morant is a rum with an amber color, on the nose fruity aromas with light notes of caramel, on the palate it is aromatic, rich and soft with a long and persistent finish.

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  • With a dark gold appearance with apricot reflections, with a deep, balsamic scent with notes of camphor and the typical pungent Jamaican aroma rich in esters, this rum is robust aromatic and spicy, but made more gentle and round by the vinous influence and sultanas from sherry barrels.

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  • With a light chestnut honey appearance, and with a delicate, fresh and light, slightly sweet and fruity aroma, it is ideal for those who want to approach the wonderful world of Rum.

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  • Honey chestnut-colored in appearance, with a floral and delicate scent with the typical aroma of brown sugar and a buttery hint, this is one of the lightest rums produced by Rum Nation.

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  • Demerara Solera n ° 14 is a dark and musky rum, rich in fermented fruit, with notes of cola, myrtle and bergamot tea.

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  • Produced by the Caroni distillery in Trinidad, now closed, with an extremely tannic, woody and aromatic taste, and slightly peppery, it consists of a concentrate of officinal herbs, including coffee, licorice, and orange peel. A Rum that will become more and more a rarity also to be collected.

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  • Barbados 8yo Rum Netion is a golden looking Rum, with a floral honey scent, and an intense sweetness of ripe fruit, including blood oranges, apricots and peaches, with a slightly vinous hint.

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