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  • Ron Abuelo 12 Años reflects our passion to craft the finest aged rum in the world. Under our tropical climate, sublime distillates from estate-grown sugar cane are aged to perfection in selected small oak barrels. Now to try also with the precious Maglio chocolate, Cuxxba, Africa, Caranero.

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  • Rhum Vieux Agricole is a Clemént Rhum distillate produced on one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, Martinique. Bright amber in color with a wide nose with very important toasted notes, reminiscent of cocoa and coffee, in the mouth it is intense and very persistent. Now to try also with the precious Maglio chocolate, Equador, Africa, Caranero.

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  • Rum Avola is a white agricultural rum that immediately shows itself of high quality with a complexity and pleasantness that enchant, with notes of fresh cut grass and banana perfect both to be consumed "on the rocks" and in a T'punch.

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  • The Doorly's 12 of the Foursquare Distillery is a blend obtained from the assembly of rums distilled in a single column and in a pot still column. Belonging to the Authentic Caribbean Rum range, Doorly's 12 stands out for its complexity and intensity with notes of chocolate aromas, toffee and toasted notes. Aging in Madeira adds rich hints of dried red fruits and banana.

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  • The Foursquare Sovereignty is a blend of Rum distilled in stills partly pot still and partly single column. The color is a dark amber, and the hints of dried fruit, vanilla combined with the aromas of spices envelop the palate in an endless drink.

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  • Il Doorly's 5 anni è un blend ottenuto dall'assemblaggio di Rum distillati in colonna singola ed in colonna pot still, con sentori vaniglia, note di scorza di limone and note tostate, al palato morbidezza e cremosità rendono la bevuta gradevole.

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  • Doorly's XO of the Foursquare Distillery, a blend obtained from the assembly of Rum distilled in a single column and in a pot still column. A gold color tending to amber that fascinates, while hints of tropical fruit and vanilla with a toffee background suggest a sensory journey into the world of spices.

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  • Zacapa 23 El Alma is among the best aged rums in the world, unique in the production and aging method, consequently unique in taste. Zacapa 23 El Alma is a blend of rums that have been stored in wooden barrels for between 6 and 24 years and received a finish in former bourbon barrels. Second release of the four "limited editions" of Zacapa 23.

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  • The Rhum J.M. VOSP is a dark gold colored rum with spicy notes that follow one another to fruity ones forming an intriguing set of scents to discover. A fully styled agricultural rhum from Martinique.

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  • The Rhum J.M. XO is a bright gold colored rum with ample and complex hints of flowers and spices. A strong palate where notes of black pepper, nutmeg and chilli follow one another. A fully styled agricultural rhum from Martinique.

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  • From a centennial distillery in Guadeloupe, the Guadalupe Blanc Rum Nation is a fresh and aromatic choice, to be blended, with the straightforward, intensely vegetal character and “green” flavor of fresh sugar cane, a rustic and powerful white agricultural rum.

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  • Pot Still Rum is a distillate capable of daring N intense and characteristic, capable of giving personality to every cocktail but also deliciousto sip

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