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  • Touchstone is the latest release released by the distillery originally from Barbados, Foursquare. This is the twenty-second version of the Exceptional Cask Selection, which continues the award-winning Vintage series launched with the innovative and acclaimed 2004. It presents citrus and fruity notes on the nose and palate, with a spicy finish given by the French oak.

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  • The Foursquare Sovereignty is a blend of Rum distilled in stills partly pot still and partly single column. The color is a dark amber, and the hints of dried fruit, vanilla combined with the aromas of spices envelop the palate in an endless drink.

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  • Il Doorly's 5 anni è un blend ottenuto dall'assemblaggio di Rum distillati in colonna singola ed in colonna pot still, con sentori vaniglia, note di scorza di limone and note tostate, al palato morbidezza e cremosità rendono la bevuta gradevole.

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  • Doorly's XO of the Foursquare Distillery, a blend obtained from the assembly of Rum distilled in a single column and in a pot still column. A gold color tending to amber that fascinates, while hints of tropical fruit and vanilla with a toffee background suggest a sensory journey into the world of spices.

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  • Meticho Rum produced by Rum Nation, is a Rum with a dark amber color, the nose is extremely soft and fruity, with notes of vanilla and some delicate hints of honey, In the mouth it is very pleasant, slightly sweet and fruity, with a long finish duration and persistence.

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  • Barbados 8yo Rum Nation is a golden-looking Rum, with a floral honey scent, and an intense sweetness of ripe fruit, including blood oranges, apricots and peaches, with a slightly vinous hint.

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  • R.L. Seale's is the Rum produced by the Foursquare distillery by assembling rums distilled in Pot Still single-column still aged at least 10 years in ex-bourbon barrels. The aromas of coffee, chocolate and vanilla stand out accompanied by notes of fresh fruit and mandarimo which we also find in the mouth, pleasantly characterizing the tropical taste.

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  • Rum Plantation Original Dark represents the rich and intense flavor of Jamaica and Barbados with the typical notes of banana, plum, vanilla enhanced by the skill with which Rum slowly matures in the French distilleries of Alexandre Gabriel. An ideal companion for excellent cocktails.

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  • The Foursquare Empery is produced from the assembly of Rum distilled in part in the pot still. partly single-column. It is a blend composed of Rums aged in ex-bourbon barrels and ex-sherry for 14 years. Amber color with coppery reflections is characterized by its great intensity on the nose made of fruity aromas and notes of cocoa and raisins.

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  • The Foursquare Premise is a blend of rums distilled in pot still and partly single column stills. The color is golden, and the hints of Sherry, oak and vanilla combined with the aromas of spices envelop the palate in an endless drink.

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  • Doorly's 14 years is the last bottle born in the Foursquare Distillery, a blend obtained from the assembly of distilled rum in a single column and in a Pot Still column. Aged for no less than 14 years it has a coppery color with reddish reflections, while on the palate hints of ginger, cherry and chocolate are mixed with the toasted notes of the barrel.

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