Cihuatan Indigo Rum Solera 8 Cihuatan Indigo Rum Solera 8

Cihuatan Indigo Rum Solera 8

Producer: Region: El Salvador


Indigo Cihuatan 8 yo is a complex rum, broad, rich in scents including vanilla, toffee, cappuccino, chocolate, toasted notes ...
The only distillery that produces rum in El Salvador, Cihuatan quickly became appreciated by rum lovers for the quality of its productions, often in limited edition.

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Cihuatan is a pre-Columbian archaeological site in Central America of great historical significance located in El Salvador. The city, with clear Aztec influenced architecture, was built and inhabited between 900 and 1200 AD. by indigenous Maya-Pipil. Cihuatan was very extensive and its remains extend over about three square kilometers, with seven neighborhoods surrounding the city center, each with their own ceremonial buildings, including some Mayan pyramids. To date, about 150 structures have been identified, of which only a small part has been brought to light. Chiuatan translated means “close to the woman”, a name that derives from the shape of the nearby Guazapa mountain, whose profile recalls the silhouette of a woman asleep on her back. Licoreria Cihuatan is the first distillery to produce quality rum with sugar cane grown in El Salvador, where a complete control of production takes place, from the plant to the bottled rum. The company is connected to the "Ingenio La Cabaña" sugar refinery, founded over a century ago, which played a fundamental role in the development of the local community and culture. In the name of ancestral ties with their land and with ancient origins, the managers of Licoreria Cihuatan have undertaken the commitment to contribute part of the proceeds from the sale of rum to the rebirth of the historic site of Cihuatan, where research and excavations they are postponed due to lack of funds.

The name Indigo is inspired by the indigo blue color, which was produced by the ancient Maya using the flower "añil". Blue is the symbolic color of El Salvador and is also the color with which the god Tlaloc, the bringer of rain, is represented. According to the beliefs, the intercession of the sleeping woman brought fertility to the valley of

Indigo has sweet vanilla aromas; after resting for a few minutes in the glass, aromas of toffee, cappuccino, bitter chocolate, hazelnut and lemongrass develop. In the finish, the vanilla and mineral notes mix with the tannins of the toasted wood creating a pleasant and complex whole, which is usually found only in the most aged rums.

Origin: El Salvador

Aging: Rum blend up to 8 years

Alcohol: 40%

Volume: 70 cl

Producer: Cihuatàn

Typology: Traditional

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