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The Diplomatico stands out from all other types of Ron for raw material, fermentation and distillation. The Ron Diplomatico is a different idea and nature in the Latin world.

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Diplomatic rum is considered among the top three in the world along with El Dorado and Appleton. The distillery that produces Diplomatico is Distilerias Unidas (DUSA), located in the town of La Miel, in the state of Lara, Venezuela. Ron Diplomatico's idea was born in 1983 and the first drop dates back to 1989. The plant has been at the forefront for decades in terms of the variety of raw materials to be used and the types of distillation practiced. From the extracted juice both molasses and pure cane juice concentrate are produced. The fermentations are also different: the molasses is subjected to a short fermentation, of 18 hours, in 100,000-liter tanks, with a process of maximizing the production of alcohol. Concentrated cane juice, on the other hand, is fermented for 48 hours, the process is slower and the intent is to concentrate the aromas and aromas typical of Ron Diplomatico.
Another unique feature in the world of Latin rones is the variety of distillations: the sugar cane juice concentrate, after long fermentation, is first distilled in a column and then in Canadian Pot Still; the fermented molasses is instead placed in the French Barbet columns, suitable for obtaining light ron while maintaining precise aromatic characteristics. This makes DUSA a distillery that can produce Pure Single Rum upon specific request. The blend that makes up Ron Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva consists of 80% Rum from Pot Still and only 20% from column stills. Even the younger labels, Reserva and Anejo, and even Blanco, have a component of at least 50% of Pot Still. Vintage 2001 is the distillation of a vintage of sugar cane considered among the best in recent years.

Light hints of sweet spiciness accompanied by cocoa, toffee, roasted coffee, flowers, cherries and dried fruit. Medium-bodied on the palate it still reveals hints of coffee and dehydrated tropical fruit.

Region: Venezuela

Year: 12 years

Alcohol content: 40%

Volume: 70 cl.

Typology: Diplomatico

Download: Scheda tecnica Reserva excl. - (1.33 MB)

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