Koval Barreled Gin Koval Barreled Gin

Koval Barreled Gin

Producer: Region: Stati Uniti d'America


Barreled Gin is the version aged in whiskey barrels of the Dry Gin of the Koval distillery, whose enthusiasts will find the characteristic hints of rose, juniper, angelica and coriander, but at the same time they will appreciate the intensity of the flavor and the roasting to the nose due to aging.

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Koval is a company founded in Chicago in 2008 in the oldest distillery in the Midwest after prohibition by spouses Robert and Sonat Birnacker, who, leaving a brilliant academic career, dedicated themselves to the art of strictly artisanal distillation with the aim of revolutionizing the way of produce spirits in America. All the products are certified organic and Kosher, and the raw materials are carefully selected from local farms in the Midwest, from organic cereals to the same wood used to make aging barrels. The secrets of distillation according to the motto "from grain to bottle" were inherited from Robert's austrian grandfather, as evidenced by the large copper alembic built in Germany created for distillates of the highest quality and aromatic complexity. All KOVAL spirits can be traced back to their barrel, and even the specific shipments of raw materials that come from our organic farmers.

Koval's Barreled Gin is special at first sight with its amber color and its unique flavor halfway between gin and bourbon. Thanks to the aging of Koval Dry Gin in oak barrels used for whiskey, an intense and deep distillate is obtained that enhances the fresh and aromatic aftertaste of the classic gin. The attention to detail demonstrated by the motto "from grain to bottle" gives life to a unique product appreciated by lovers of gin and whiskey.

Origin: USA

Alcohol: 47%

Volume: 50 cl

Producer: Koval

Typology: old barrel

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