Us*1 American whiskey Michter's Us*1 American whiskey Michter's

Us*1 American whiskey Michter's

Producer: Region: Kentucky


The Single Barrell 10 yo Michters is a bourbon for true connoisseurs: produced in very limited quantities, the Single Barrell 10 yo Michters has a warm dark amber and on the palate it is complex and intense with "sweet" hints of toffee and caramel, vanilla, woody and dried fruit. A unique collectible product.

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Originally known as Shenk's and then as Bomberger's, the whiskey company now known as Michter's was founded by John Shenk, a Mennonite Swiss farmer who settled in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania in 1753. At Shenk beginnings were dedicated to the production of rye whiskey, one of the favorite cereal varieties from the Blue Mountain Valley growers. A mid-nineteenth century, the Dutch took possession from Abraham Bomberger Shenk family distillery, which acquired the name from there. After Prohibition, the company went through several properties, often in precarious financial condition. In the 50's the then owner Lou Forman created the present Michter's name from the contraction of the names of his two sons - Michael and Peter. In 1989 the prolonged crisis in the sector of whiskeys led the company to bankruptcy, with the final abandonment of the structure in Pennsylvania and Michter's trademark. In 1990 Matt Magliocco and its historical consultant Dick Newman, operators in the industry of alcoholic and long fans of whiskeys Michter's, decided to face the challenge of re-opening of the distillery, shifting production in Kentucky. The production facility custom built, consists of a copper column of 14 meters associated with a Double Retort Pot Still copper. The master distiller Willie Pratt has worked in the whiskey for more than 40 years, mainly for Brown Forman before moving to Michter's. Nicknamed Dr.No a sales force of Michter's for its tendency to reject categorically bottlings of young whiskey, Pratt insists to store barrels aging in warehouses with heat cycle, although this practice significantly increases the level of Angel's Share. The expressions represent productions in US * 1 Small Batch, continuous and not selected according to the sensitivity of Pratt: the American Whiskey is a single grain matured in ex-Bourbon; the Straight Rye is a Single Barrel produced according to the original recipe of the Shenk family and aged in new barrels of American white oak; the Sraight Bourbon is obtained with a traditional mashing of American corn and a production of no more than 24 barrels at a time; the Sour Mash reflects a recipe produced until 1989 that envisages the use of a portion of the fermented mash for other whiskeys as a starter for a new mash - in a manner similar to the production of sourdough, in English 'sourdough'. The barrels of Michter's are produced according to their specifications as the slow natural drying which gives the wood characteristics such as to release more tannins and a greater porosity of the robes. The roasting before the typical carbonization barrels helps make low sugar content in the wood to be more accessible and to make a greater contribution to the evolution of whiskey.

The Single Barrell 10 yo Michter's is a bourbon produced in very limited quantities and is the testimony of the craftsmanship of Michter's production and the importance of a territory like Kentucky that is capable of maturing bourbon to levels of absolute goodness and quality. Thanks to the production capacities of Micther's, Bourbon has established itself at the highest levels in the world as evidenced by the auction that took place in London on 12 July 2020 when a barrel of Bourbon Michter's was purchased for 166,000 pounds, a value never reached for a barrel of American Bourbon. .

The Single Barrell 10 yo Michters has a warm dark amber with coppery reflections and on the palate it is complex and intense with "sweet" hints of toffee and caramel, vanilla, woody and dried fruit.

Provenienza: Kentucky

Alcool: 47,2%

Capacità: 70 cl.

Azienda: Michter's

Tipologia: Bourbon

Download: Scheda tecnica American Whiskey - (1.32 MB)

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